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Kylie Jenner Followed Her Heart to Become a Billionaire, Here’s How She Manages It All!

If you ask any entrepreneur about their core motivation behind starting their own venture, the most common response you would receive would be this: it’s good money. Although many of them would like to believe that they are genuinely passionate about the product or service they are offering in the market, it is most likely that money has played a huge role in their choice of business.

However, that is not why Kylie Jenner started Kylie Cosmetics, according to an interview given to Harper’s Bazaar by the billionaire reality star and businesswoman. According to her, it was never about the money when she started up the venture, as she was simply following her passion for lipsticks and makeup in general.

Kylie Jenner is the richest among all her siblings.

Extremely Talented

Kylie has always been full of passion when it comes to makeup, and since she had enough money to pursue it, she soon figured out that she had a distinct eye for makeup and had the talent of recognizing what looks good on people. With time, her passion grew and so did her experimentation with different makeup combinations.

She was never doing it with the intention of making a profit from it, however, things turned out perfectly for her and she was able to establish an extremely successful company. According to Kylie, she feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity to wake up every day and work on something she loves, and her commitment to the brand is obviously helping it grow with each passing day.

Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
It’s remarkable how quickly Kylie has helped Kylie Cosmetics become such a huge success.

Dealing With Lack Of Privacy

In the same interview, Kylie also discussed her very-public lifestyle, stating that the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians started back when she was just 9 years of age. Since then, Kylie has not experienced privacy in the truest sense of the word but, according to her, she quickly adapted to the new circumstances and molded her life according to her own needs and the demands of the show.

Explaining how she fulfilled her requirement for privacy, Kylie clarified that she would take time away from all the cameras whenever she felt the need. However, every time she would quickly come back, as she does like sharing a lot of her life with fans, through both the show as well as her multiple social media handles.

A Young Mother

Motherhood has been an amazing experience for Kylie as the reality star has often expressed how much she loves spending time with her daughter, Stormi. While we do get to see Stormi quite often on Kylie’s Instagram page, the young mother is adamant to keep some privacy intact when it comes to special family moments.

Phil Stafford/Shutterstock
If it was up to Kylie, we bet she would want to spend all the time she has with her beautiful daughter.

But then there are times when Kylie is simply not in the mood to share anything at all, in which case she simply takes a break from all the sharing and spends all the time she can with her little one. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she even goes away on a trip to calm herself down.

However, she clarified that these emotions don’t result specifically from the demands of her public life. According to her, any person, famous or otherwise, can experience such emotions, and everyone has their own coping mechanism to deal with them.

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