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Kylie Jenner is Partying On This Jaw-Dropping Superyacht, and it’s Costing Her Millions Every Week! Here’s An Inside View!

After being crowned the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, there is no doubt that Kylie Jenner is extremely rich. Hence, when the time came to celebrate her 22nd birthday, Kylie made sure she went all out and had a memorable trip that would allow her to de-stress from her otherwise very hectic lifestyle.

It had been revealed earlier that the young reality star and entrepreneur had jetted off to the gorgeous country of Italy with some of the closest people in her circle. Now, we are finding out about all the luxurious activities she is indulging in on this trip.

Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire in the world last year

Apparently, according to reported figures, Kylie has been spending a whopping $1.2 million every week just to rent out a gorgeous liner for herself and her friends to party on the waters. The yacht, which measures around 300 feet, is called Tranquility and has enough capacity to accommodate 22 guests at a time.

It also includes a luxurious master suite that would obviously be occupied by the birthday girl herself, but her friends would also get to enjoy the three staterooms designed to host VIPs.

Jenner has been dating Travis Scott and shares a daughter with him

Amazing Features

The liner also reportedly has a spa to offer the ultimate relaxation experience to the guests, in addition to a beauty salon which is most likely equipped with all of Kylie Cosmetics makeup products. For entertainment purposes, there is a spacious cinema installed in the liner.

To soak up the sun, the guests can use the deck-pool and also chill out at the outdoor bar. For easier transportation of the guests, two helipads are also available. All of these services are provided with the help of an attentive crew composed of 29 individuals who make sure that all the needs of their guests are promptly fulfilled.

That’s not all. There is also a beach club which allows for the ultimate socializing experience, transitioning seamlessly into a gymnasium that is fully equipped to take care of the needs of even the most aggressive fitness enthusiasts. And if the guests become tired after a great workout, they can simply go outside on the large balcony accessible from the gym to get a breath of fresh air. The spa is also equipped with experiential showers as well as a massage room to rejuvenate fully from any physical activity.

This superyacht is perfect for anyone looking towards having a good time

About The Ship

The ship that is hosting Kylie’s 22nd birthday party was once owned by Low Taek Jho, a banker who has been declared a fugitive, according to reports. Apparently, it was taken away from him and sold off as part of an effort by the Malaysian government to recover the 3 billion pounds which he had allegedly stolen from it.

The ship was also renamed as Tranquility as part of its rebranding and now is available for rentals so that the rich and famous can host lavish parties on it. With a gorgeous interior and a strong interior, the ship has the ability to achieve speeds of around 20 knots, which is perfect as it offers a tranquil experience of the waters.

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