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Leanne Ford of HGTV is Selling her Minimalistic, Rustic Home in Los Angeles

HGTV actress Leanne Ford planned on making her new house in Los Angeles her young family’s eternity home, yet her plans changed due to the ongoing pandemic. When the 38-year-old star, along with her husband and her baby girl, started practicing social distancing guidelines, their point of view regarding their home, slightly changed.

The entire experience of staying at home all day, and living life in a more slow-paced way, proved to be quite overwhelming to them. They missed being near their loved ones in Pittsburgh.

Changing for the better


Leanne decided to clarify the situation in an article she wrote for Domino. She said that both of them concluded that it was the ideal opportunity to move back East. So, after finishing her fantasy renovation, both of them put their Rustic Canyon available in the market for selling.

Leanne said that ever since the day she left college, she has always been in a hurry. The recent happenings and staying at home these past couple of weeks made her realize that it is not necessary for her to still be in such a hurry. Besides making an appearance in the HGTV, she also competed in Rock the Block and pursued different home renovation ventures.

From the interior front

The house that encompasses an area of 3163 square feet is currently listed on Diana Braun of Compass for a hefty sum of $4.3 million. The rustic house was built in 1925 and incorporates five bedrooms, five washrooms and comprises of two stories. Although Leanne prefers modern lines and style, she decided that she didn’t want to battle against the house and embraced its rustic and unique elements.

The house has storybook eccentricity, excellent ivy on the bricks, and remarkable old windows. She said that her growing age has made her understand the design from the past; that is why she is more respectful towards it.

The details worth embracing

Although the entire house is quite magnificent, the most novel area of it is the living room, which was an expansion to the house. However, her favorite part of the home is the patio, which contains a big lagoon-style pool where the family can spend the whole day swimming in a while keeping a social distance from the outside world.

The backyard also boasts about a yard where one can feast in the open air. Having accomplished all of her design goals and dreams in the home, Leanne is all set to put her magic touch someplace new.

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