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Legendary Singer Frank Sinatra’s Villa Maggio Hits the Market Again

Frank Sinatra, the illustrious American singer of the 20th Century, passed away in 1998. Still, he left the world with his poignant and soothing legacy of a few of the musical cosmos’ best-selling songs. Other of his breathtaking legacies to the world, much appreciated in the real estate world, are his personal properties like the Twins Palm, Palm Springs Home, a house at New York’s Upper East Side, and Villa Maggio.

Sean Garrison | The magnificent secret desert villa

Unmatched Historical Value

Villa Maggio has been offered for sale on and off for the past seven years. The first time it got listed was back in 2014, when it summoned a sum of $3.95 million from a true admirer. After all, the property is not ordinary by any measure. It stills retains the charm and magnificence of 20th-century architecture from 1967 when it was first established. Now it is offered for $4.25 million.

To credit the place, the house is based on Frank Sinatra’s plans and realized its actual form at the hands of the architect Ross Patton. The A-frame structure sits precariously on a plateau, like a wooden bird, chirping of the twelve years the singer inhabited the place and arranged occasional meetups for his band of close friends, famously known as The Rat Pack.

Inside the Magnificent Property

A five-bedroom and six-bathroom house situated in the middle of an endless desert is a house the singer commissioned for himself personally, bestowing it with the honor of becoming his most loved retreat. The property expands for ten acres to all sides in California’s Coachella Valley.


The rustic 3,880 square feet of the rustic main residence has preserved much of its original aristocracy with wooden walls, stone fireplaces, and a den. Other than the seven fireplaces and two large kitchens in the main building, the house is flanked by a guesthouse equipped with its own kitchen, fireplaces, and deck. The half a century-old house also has all the modern amenities like a pool house with two operational saunas, a mini kitchen set up for provisioning refreshments, and a fireplace to keep the place warm. The property also has tennis courts, helicopter pads, and a big, sheltered area for parking cars.

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Villa Maggio will surely be a treasure for someone seeking a residence distanced from the hubbub of city life, supplemented by all amenities of modern life.

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