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Let’s Check if Your Boyfriend is a True Gentleman!

Not all men are and can be gentlemen. When you meet a gentleman, your whole life perspective changes. It really matters whether the one you love is a thorough gentleman or not. A gentleman is in control of himself and has an impeccable sense of humor. That cannot be someone without good manners. Chivalry is something these people have. They are so rare, that not every woman can find one!


“Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”  — Vin Diesel

Here are the signs that you have found one.

 He never lies

A gentleman always speaks the truth regardless of the circumstances. If he is your partner, he will never lie to you – it would be against his belief and his firm moral standards. Though the truth may be not so good for himself, he will say it regardless. His moral integrity is higher than his ego.

 He is brave

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A true gentleman is always brave. Every time he sees someone being abused or ill-treated, he confronts the abuser and acts as a guardian. Have you ever witnessed such situation with your boyfriend?

 He presents his intentions directly

If a gentleman is interested in a woman, he doesn’t wait for many days to call her. He immediately asks her out for dinner and makes the reservations himself. A gentleman likes wine, so he will bring in great wine and plan a lovely dinner. When the date is finished, he will ensure that the girl is sent home safely too.

 People love his company

Every gentleman would make you feel comfortable while at his place. You would enjoy spending time in his company. A gentleman is charismatic and attractive. You would love to talk to him and would feel endearing. Most people like spending time in his company, even in the most awkward situations.

 He keeps his word

A gentleman always keeps his word. Is your boyfriend a man of his words? Do you have to remind him when he has to keep some things in confidence? If he keeps your secrets and always keeps his word, then you definitely have a gentleman by your side. You lucky girl! Keep that man by your side! He will never show off his caliber but will do things that will help you feel reassured.

 He is silent about your intimacy

Most men often tend to share their privacy with their friends, but not a gentleman! He will never share nor even mention his intimate moments with his friends. A gentleman simply thinks it is a wrong thing to do. He is full of respect towards his lady love and chooses to be quiet about his experience instead of being boastful.

 He likes to be informed


Does your gentleman read newspapers to stay informed? Does he read from a few different sources about the same event to get the whole picture? Then he is definitely a true gentleman. With all the events unfolding around the world, a true gentleman stays informed to be able to understand them. Then he forms his expert opinion on every issue but will not force it down against anyone’s will.

 He is tender and caring

Every gentleman is careful about his girlfriend and she always has a shoulder to lean on.  He also wants to be an equal partner and does not want to be the father or a savior (if there is no actual need for it). He will help you do the chores and even do them by himself if you happen to be tired or ill. A gentleman wants to be a partner that helps you pay the bills and experiences all your ups and downs in life.

 There is a lot of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

Is your boyfriend the most polite soul you came across in your life. Does he always reach for the door before you and even helps you enter a taxi or takes off your coat? A true gentleman is patient and always puts his manners into practice. He will always stay in control of himself and he has no hasty decisions.

A true gentleman rarely raises his voice (if ever) and never gets physical when he is angry. You never see him curse and he always stays in control of his temper. Do you feel like your boyfriend is always happy? Well, his happiness lies in keeping everything under control and showing he cares for his lady love!

A true gentleman feels wanted every step of his way and that is what makes him so admirable!

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