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Living Like the Queen is Not for the Faint-Hearted. Find Out WHAT Queen Elizabeth Really Eats on a Daily Basis

One of the perks everyone may think about being royalty is that you can eat whatever you like. Apparently, that is not the case for the Queen. The royal kitchen reported that Her Majesty is actually not a foodie.

Queen Elizabeth, at the age of 93, can still enjoy taking her dog for a long walk. And surprisingly, she still goes horse-back riding! On how she maintains her strength and good shape, you may not like to be in her shoes.

The longest-ruling emperor of the United Kingdom and other realms follows a bland diet, her previous royal chef reported. Unlike what everybody else might think, being the Queen doesn’t involve all the guilty pleasures. Are you a pasta lover? The Queen disapproves. Do you fancy potatoes? Sorry, that’s not on the menu! How about garlic bread? Well, the Queen banned that in the castle.

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The Queen follows a strict diet for longer life.


The Queen’s diet mainly consists of flavorless, bitter, and non-spiced food selection. To start with, Her Majesty opens her day with a regular cup of Earl Grey tea strictly without sugar, milk, or any condiments. She normally pairs it with some biscuits.

After that, she’ll fill up her tummy to start the day with cereals and fruits. At intervals, she would treat herself with jam or marmalade spread on toast. On very rare incidents, the Queen allows herself to have some scrambled eggs preferably, brown eggs.


At lunch time, Queen Elizabeth typically eats fish or chicken. But before that, the Queen likes having a sip of gin and Dubonnet. She prefers it served with a handful of ice and a chunk of lemon on it. The number one rule for her main course is “no starch”.

Her selections generally circle around with grilled Dover sole with dwindled vegetable like spinach or courgettes also known as zucchini, grilled chicken with salad on the side, or simple dishes that doesn’t include rice, pasta, and potatoes.

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Queen Elizabeth’s favorite part of the day is probably her tea time.

High Tea

There’s one thing that everyone is right about being royalty; the tea! Her Majesty enjoys her day-to-day afternoon tea with several kinds of finger sandwiches like cucumber smoked salmon and an egg sandwich with mayonnaise or ham. The Queen factually instructed the royal chef not to cut it in rectangular shape but rather into penny-sized circles. It is also mandatory to remove the crust.


For the Queen’s supper, the steak is strictly cooked well-done commonly served with mushroom dressing, cream, and whiskey. On special occasions like Christmas, she’ll let herself have a Sunday roast. And to wash it off, the royal kitchen will serve freshly-picked strawberries or peaches from the Windsor Castle’s greenhouse.

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly a chocolate lover


Before the Queen goes to bed, she’ll have a glass of champagne because, why not? She’s the Queen, after all. Her Majesty is also known to be a chocolate enthusiast. But even for her guilty pleasure, she’s still picky with it. The chocolate of her choice is the dark one.

If someone would try to live like the Queen, they might want to consider hiring a skilled chef because the royal diet is no joke.

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