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A Look Inside Coco Prive: Where the Rich Go to Unwind

A look at Coco Prive Island

Billionaires also unwind and take breaks from endless work hours to refresh their nerves, rejuvenate their senses and revitalize their bodies. Coco Prive provides the best services for who-is-who in the society, giving value for their money.

Coco Prive stands tall among the list of highest charging relaxation destinations in the world, with the requisite fee of $45,000 every night for a visitor. Located on the North Male Atoll in the Maldives, Coco Prive resort boasts of both home and intercontinental dishes, handled by expert chefs at the convenience of the visitor. Guests also enjoy all-encompassing jet skiing, diving, sailing, and deep-sea diving. In addition, different water creatures such as turtles, manta rays and sea urchins are comfortably habiting a spot just a short distance from the resort’s shore.

A cinema experience is created outside the buildings, where an enormous screen is mounted under a beautiful star-filled night. Cooling off on a yacht in this kind of classy place is an added glamor for guests. A warm welcome is executed from the international airport, Velana, with a concealed ritzy yacht that picks up visitors to Kuda Hithi discreet Island, a 1.4-hectare expanse of property. The journey usually lasts only 35 minutes.

The purpose of Coco Prive resort lies on satisfying exclusive visitors—ranging from big shots to superstars in the entertainment industry who crave for private time away from hustle and bustle in the city. Worthy of mention is the well-groomed greenery found on the island that has attractive natural species like bougainvillea, banana trees, coconut palm, Magoo, and lush menageries such as Kambili birds and Cuckoo.

The main entrance into the main building.

The main building

Getting to the main building, commonly referred to as ‘Palm’, one will discover that the major material used for its design is teak wood. Teak wood is suitable in combating water, sand, breeze and similar surreal occurrences due to its unmatched strength.

On the 2nd floor inside the building is a large master bedroom. The bedroom is made of a curvy roof produced from anatomic materials, spiraling skyward, compelling guests’ views toward where the ocean is situated yonder.

Coco Prive island’s Pool is the lengthiest in the Maldives.

However, as large as this luxurious Resort Island is, it can only accommodate 12 visitors at a specific scheduled period. Notwithstanding, other villas numbering 5 are on the property, namely; Gecko, Manta, Turtle, Heron, and Starfish. Workers, family members, and friends are allowed to stay there. Guz Wilkinson, an architect living in Singapore, commented that the beautiful scenes of the Island are further projected straight into bedrooms and living places within the villa by huge large lustrous frontals.

Another feature of the Turtle villa is its ability to transform into spacious spa settings where guests can request for a distinctive message.

Gecko and Manta are two of the most massive villas located separately away from where the major bodies of constructions are, covered by shrubbery of green plants. This is a wonderful spot for privacy and recreation. Wilkinson explained that the villas were deliberately painted in natural colors, coupled with lenient colors used for the floor and the wall as a surreal wood covering.

Looking for the pool with outstanding length on the expanse of Maldives, then you have the Coco Prive Pool before you. The pool measures 130 feet. Coco Prive also possesses an outdoor bar, encircled by stools and couches grafted deep into the well-groomed sleek soil. A crystal clear wine cellar is replete with plauditory bottles arranged neatly for public view. Louis Roderer Champagne, Niel Joubert Pinotage and Moet adorned the cellar.

Dining hall outside

A large business hall sits opposite the bar. A room for games equipped with one computer, a Samsung 55-inch television, and a movie house is there as well. Chess boards are made available for guests in the game corner.

Coco Prive makes billionaires want to spend their money.

They can also decide to use the chess game installed in the soil, which allows players to use conventional boats of Maldivian dhoni instead of the pawns.

Ashtanga yoga is part of the Coco Prive resort Island experience cherished by visitors, where a qualified yoga instructor is on hand to attend to all their calisthenics need.

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