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It is Possible to Lose Weight Despite of Having a Hectic Schedule?

Being able to live a longer life while staying healthy is all but everyone’s dream. As much as possible, we wanted to live healthy and long enough to see our own children start their own family. We wanted to be there to witness our children achieve their own dreams or play with our grandchildren with the same vigor and enthusiasm we had 20 years ago. We wanted to live longer to spend more time and create more memories with our family and loved ones before we left this world.

But with our overwhelming hectic schedules, back-to-back business appointments, and social events to attend, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge.

How can we even spend some time to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle when we’re not getting any sleep or rest at all? Apply these tips in order to lose weight despite having a hectic schedule.

1. Have a Schedule Planner With You

Whenever we have a business appointment, it’s no doubt that we take them seriously. We’ll be preparing our reports and bring resources necessary for the meeting. We try to be diligent, attend the appointment ahead of time because you don’t want to be late. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss such a great opportunity, right?

The same as with your weight loss regimen. You need to treat it as your business appointment too. You need to make some time for it. If not, then you’re going to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity: to lose weight and to live a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that’s right, you need to include your weight loss to your daily schedule. How can you do that?


First, you need to list down all your schedules, meetings, appointments, etc throughout the day. Better plot it per hour so that you can pinpoint which are your vacant time and which aren’t. And before you start complaining that you simply don’t have that “vacant or spare” time, no, we don’t believe that. The truth is, we all have our vacant time, we simply failed to recognize them. Why do we say so?

Let’s say before you go to work at 7 am, what about your time from 5 am to 7 am? Or your hour lunch-break? Or maybe from 5 pm onwards you’re already vacant, or the late 10 pm onwards time? After you’ve list out your schedule, that’s the time you fill in your workout in those vacant time. Maybe you can go for a morning run. If not, make some time between your breaks, etc.

2. Plan and Pack your Foods

Another underlying problem we face when we’re trying to lose weight is the hassle of preparing healthy foods. We’ve been led to believe that preparing and cooking healthy foods take a lot of time. Which is really not the case? For one, there are tons of healthy recipes on the internet which are incredibly easy, and quick to make. You just have to be patient in finding them.

When you already have the recipes in hand, it’s time to do your grocery list. We recommend you list all the ingredients you have for a week so that you only need to do shopping in one go. After you do some shopping, it’s time for you to start preparing and cooking your foods. We recommend you do it at least a night before. if you can, cook a meal that is equivalent to the next day. In this way, you only need to reheat these foods in a slow cooker and grab them when you’re on the go.

3. Eat healthy foods at work

Since you’re already preparing your healthy foods, we also recommend that you bring a healthy snack with you, especially if you’re going to work. This will help you control your binge-eating, as well as the temptations around you while sticking to eat healthy foods. Instead of going with your colleagues in the cafeteria to order some burgers, pizza, and other mouthwatering yet unhealthy foods, you just have to pull out your lunch box now and eat it on your workstation.

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