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Lufthansa Prepares for COVID Crisis Rebound with New Leisure Airline: OCEAN

Lufthansa recently announced its intention of introducing a new leisure airline to its operations called ‘Ocean’.

The fleet is named as such in the certificate application and is rumored to comprise of 11 carriers. The airline is scheduled to commence operations in 2022, which is perfect given to the current global economic failure.
A working title has been given to the carrier for the time being but, chances are that it will adopt the company’s trademark once operations begin.

The goal for this brand new platform is to take into account the segment of long-haul tourists and simplifying the primary carrier’s operations within that domain. The Germany-born company is currently in the process of acquiring the Air Operator Certificate for the newly-found entity.

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Lufthansa’s Existing Airlines

Over the last couple of years, airlines have struggled to introduce low-cost carriers to better challenge their competitors in the market. As such, Lufthansa has continued to introduce its low-cost subsidiaries into the business, including:
– Brussels Airlines: a hybrid airline to support long-haul flights

– Lufthansa Cityline: Luftansa’s regional subsidiary

– SunExpress: a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines

– Eurowings: the main low-cost carrier owned by Lufthansa

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What do we know about Ocean?

The Lufthansa Group has decided to base this new airline on the business model of Edelweiss, the low-cost leisure subdivision of SWISS Airlines, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Group, as well.

The new auxiliary is scheduled to dispatch trips in 2022, which is quite acceptable planning taking into account the post-crisis rebound.
Ocean will, at first, have 11 airplanes in its fleet- four each will be stationed at the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Airport, and three at the Munich Airport. Currently, there is no information on the type of aircrafts the company will be using for operations.

Deposit Photos | The new airline’s base will be located in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich

The new entity could wind up working numerous courses that are currently in the possession of Lufthansa’s other auxiliaries like Eurowings. The Dusseldorf-based transporter, apart from current travel restrictions imposed, flies to 210 goals in Europe and over the globe.

Additionally, it was planned that the carrier ought to extend across transatlantic borders this year, with courses discussed from Munich to Las Vegas and Orlando to initiate from April 2020, and from Frankfurt to Phoenix and Anchorage to initiate in June 2020.

According to Flight Global, Lufthansa thinks of its current structure as too fragmented, which is a bit an understatement at best. Since the airline has been able to garner much success with its current structure, redesigning it might be a step in the right direction. So far, the concept of the new airline seems fairly well thought out and might work successfully if little to no revisions are made.

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