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3 New Marketing Strategies For 2017

Let’s start the year 2017 with a blast! With this New Year coming up, it’s time for us to reflect the marketing strategies that works and didn’t from last year. As we assessed which strategies were effective and we should include for this year, it’s also important to familiarize ourselves with the new business techniques trending for this year to further promote our business.

And without further adieu, here are our top 3 marketing strategies you should look out for this year 2017.

1. Content Marketing

We all know this. Content is king in the world of the Internet. And ever since then, it has remained our top marketing trends for years. There’s no doubt it also dominates this year. People wanted to read more reliable information to help them alleviate their lives for the better.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll only stick to creating articles and update daily in order to produce content. Content marketing had also evolved for the last couple of years. The readers have become picky about what content worth to read and what isn’t. You need to make sure that not only your content is unique, but it is worth reading and a reliable one – especially if you are writing news articles.


Also, always remember that quality over quantity. Even if you publish 10 articles per day, if your content is a total trash, no one would bother reading it. In fact, the readers prefer to read long, in-depth articles that are full of information and knowledge than short, but general ones.

Aside from that, you need to be creative in propagating your content. Be creative. You don’t need to publish articles every day just to promote your content. You need to propagate your content in many forms such as articles, infographics, social media images, video marketing, email marketing, eBook, and much more. The more medium you used in propagating your content, the more viral it is and the more your readers will keep coming back to your website.

2. Mobile Marketing

It’s no wonder that 2016 was the rise of mobile smartphones. Because of the emergence of smartphones, the total rate of mobile surfing and mobile purchase had also increased up to 300%. People prefer the convenience of browsing and purchasing products in their pocket than on laptops and tablets. So it’s important for your website to be mobile-friendly, if not, then your business will be left behind.


In fact, Google just launched a mobile-friendly update where it targets to penalize websites and businesses without mobile responsiveness. This move from Google resulted from their goal to improve customer user-experience. Of course, mobile marketing not only covers mobile responsiveness. It also covers the development of mobile apps, mobile ads, and website personalization.

3. Live Streaming, Interactive Videos, and VR.

Even if the emergence of images and videos increase our customer views and engagements, it’s still not fully perfect because it lacks two important ingredients: real-time responsiveness and real-time engagement. People are sociable beings by nature. So as much as possible, they wanted to interact as genuine as possible. They wanted to interact with a real thing, not a robot. And we all know that internet stuff is mostly one-sided.

Sure, chat, commenting, and social media makes it all the more interactive for us, but it’s still not enough. Fortunately, the emergence of live streaming, interactive videos, and VR solved that problem for us. These technologies provide a real-time interaction and engagement between the business and customers.

It’s actually more interactive. the customers get to ask questions and queries about a particular product or services, and the business owners get to answer them quickly. This ensures a reliable and effective communication and user experience to the customers.

Whatever techniques you want to use to improve your business, it’s important to always keep in mind this common goal we had: always put the customer’s well-being first. Because if they’re happy and contented with the products and services you’re offering, chances are, they will keep coming back for you. You won’t have to worry about finding new customers all the time because you’ve already built a steady audience. And these satisfied customers will bring new customers to you through their positive testimonials. Let’s promote our businesses more this year 2017!

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