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Martha Stewart Is Heading to HGTV with a new Gardening Series

78-year-old lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart, seems ready to embark on a new fascinating experience. The hugely popular woman has acquired a new show on HGTV called ‘Martha Knows Best’ in which she will receive her guests on television in her private garden in Bedford, New York. As usual, on the show, Martha is expected to give away the newest and smartest lifestyle advice that she is renowned for. Stewart’s tips and tricks are already helping several people around the world.


Pinterest | Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart is all set to appear on HGTV’s new show, ‘Martha Knows Best’

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When approached to talk about this, Martha was quoted as saying that the show will focus on the primary aspects of daily life and housekeeping with a view to teach and inspire. Martha left a small teaser through her Instagram account, @marthastewart48, when she said, “celebrity guest surprises are in store!” Many predict that her on-site gardener, Ryan McCallister, is going to show up in the series, which is because they spent quarantine together on the estate.

In the interview, the lifestyle coach explained that during the current imposed quarantine period, many ideas and projects dawned on her that could facilitate the lives of millions. As a result, she was motivated to share these ideas with the entire world. Martha and her team then decided that these difficult times would make for the best period to deliver the insights, and that’s how the thought of the show came upon.


Instagram | Martha revealed that celebrities will be invited as guests on her show and there will be surprises as well!

Kathleen Finch, chief lifestyle brand officer of Discovery, Inc. (HGTV’s parent company), also explained her relationship with Martha. Finch said that Stewart was the most influential character, had a lovely voice, and was among the most familiar faces in the lifestyle field. She further complimented Stewart saying that her smile and advice were trendsetters within the spaces she works in.

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Martha’s great advantage, in addition to her extensive experience, is that she applies the advice she gives to her own life, whether at home, in the kitchen or the garden. Knowing that she is following what she preaches increases the confidence of her followers in these tips more than those presented on any other TV channels.

Talking about her other pursuits, the Emmy award-winning television personality is also planning to return to Food Network’s reality cooking competition. She will participate in the contest as a judge, and will also appear on a holiday-themed series that hasn’t been announced yet.


Pinterest | Martha is also planning to return to Food Network’s reality cooking competition as a judge

This tells us how this great woman is still fond of work and keeping busy, instead of just retiring and giving up to age. This is what makes Martha inspiring, and this is what has made her The New York Times’ bestselling author of more than 96 titles.

‘Martha Knows Best’ is due to start this year, and she is currently filming it. We’re eager to see what Martha intends to share, which, without a doubt, will not disappoint.

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