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Matthew Perry Throws Pacific-Front Malibu Property on the Market for $14.95 Million

Looks like Matthew made quite a jump from his first apartment back in Manhattan- with no roommate, no “friends” right across the hall, we wonder how he’s been surviving alone at this beachfront property for the last nine years!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? You have to watch the iconic TV show, Friends to find out, in which Matthew Perry, the actor who played the awkward and humorous friend, Chandler Bing, won our hearts with his sarcastic dialogues.

In the latest news, however, we’ve discovered that Perry is finally ready to move on from this luxurious beachfront home.

Redfin | The home stands 3-stories high, with the topmost dedicated to his private suite

Perry has spent most of his time during the COVID-19 pandemic in his Malibu home, and he has decided to list it with the price tag of $14.95 million. The four-time Emmy nominee purchased the house in 2011 at exactly $12 million in an off-market deal.

He put the beautiful beachfront home up on the market with the help of Rodeo Reality’s Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd. Flagg thinks that Mathew Perry’s home is notably desirable as affluent buyers are searching for havens to escape to from the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Redfin | Every room in the house gives breathtaking views of the ocean

The 5,500 square-foot house consists of a total of four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, a secured gate that leads to a giant foyer, followed by a staircase that is open-thread and made with steel and wood. The living room gives off vibes of a loft with warm wood floors and a cozy fireplace that stands right in the middle of the entertainment area.

The property boasts floor-to-ceiling windows all around, which open to a deep deck that surrounds three sides of the house, much like a ship. The living room is big enough to contain a custom-made Ping Pong table, while custom-made cabinets and commercial-style top-end appliances adorn the galley kitchen.

Only one of the three secondary bedrooms contains a private bathroom, while the other’s share a common bathroom on the lower floors. The master suite, which sits alone on the upper-most story, takes up the whole width of the entire house, with a private sitting area that boasts breathtaking, expansive coastline and ocean views. The suite also consists of a simply designed deluxe bathroom and a massive dressing-room with wooden wardrobes that are lined up on the walls.

Redfin | Who wouldn’t want to relax in this gorgeous minitheater?

The downstairs dining and living area also has huge floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to a narrow balcony with horizon views over the ocean, a movie room with soft-cushioned sofas that seat 8-10 people. Lastly, but certainly not the least, there is a small spa set into fascinating wood decking.

If Perry is off selling this gorgeous property, the best bet is that the actor has his eyes on something much better. Watch out for his next real estate move!

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