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You May Think You Know Ellen DeGeneres, But Here’s The Many Things You Don’t

If there is one TV personality who has earned a lot of fame and respect around the world relative to others, it has to be Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian is known for her wit and generous personality, and her show called The Ellen Show is broadcast in many parts of the world. Cumulatively, she has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, garnering her numerous coveted awards.

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Ellen is now one of the most recognizable faces in the entire world

Ellen had started her career as a comedian with stand-up skits. She also worked in a sitcom of her own which gained her a lot of fame. Eventually, she started her own talk show, after which viewers got to know Ellen for who she was as a person. But still, do we know the real Ellen?

What We Don’t Know

While it’s very easy for us to put our favorite personalities on a very high pedestal, expecting them to be a certain way that is almost saint-like, more often than not we find out that they are not nearly as saintly as they seem. In Ellen’s own words, which she said while addressing the audience during her special on Netflix called Relatable, the tendency to place certain stereotypes on other people resides in all of us.

This means that, while we may think we know someone just because we get to see them every day, they may not be like that at all in real life. For example, all of us expect Ellen to never get angry because we always see her cracking jokes and smiling/laughing, but certainly, Ellen is not devoid of that emotion.

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We got to see a lot more candid side of Ellen on Relatable compared to her usual talk-show self

According to Portia de Rossi, who is Ellen’s wife, the talk show host and comedian is definitely playing a very specific character whenever she appears in front of the audience. Rossi explained that Ellen is actually much more complicated compared to the persona she displays on TV, with a lot of emotions that even her most devoted fans may have never seen.

Is She All Nice?

Although we can say for sure that Ellen genuinely wants everyone to feel good about themselves and would never deliberately hurt anyone, there are definitely days when the star is not feeling her best. According to Ellen herself, she is prone to having her share of bad days, however, she feels restricted by her on-screen persona that always advocates kindness.

For example, she highlighted how she cannot even honk while in traffic simply because that is not what the on-screen Ellen would ever do.

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Ellen and Portia are deeply in love, and also very photogenic

 Does She Love To Dance?

If you are an Ellen fan, then you for sure associate dancing with her as she dances on her show all the time. And she does look good doing it as well, giving off the perception that she is passionate about dancing. However, Ellen has confessed that the first time she busted a move on-screen, it was with the intention of making people laugh. However, people liked it so much that she repeated the act on subsequent episodes until it became a thing.

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