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Meghan Markle Pauses Maternity Leave to Attend a Tennis Match For This Special Person!

It is generally assumed that the British royals like to hang out among other members of the family, as they barely get enough free time from their royal duties to make friends on the outside. However, Meghan Markle became a royal quite recently, which means she had plenty of time before becoming the Duchess of Sussex to make plenty of friends, including the remarkable tennis player Serena Williams.

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Both Markle and Williams have reportedly been close ever since 2010.

Now that she is part of the royal family, Markle has had to let go of a lot of things connected to her previous life. However, she has not let go of her friends, which became evident rather recently when she decided to attend a tennis match being played by her good friend Serena, even though she is completely occupied these days because of her new-born son, Archie Harrison.

Cheering Her On

According to reports, Markle’s visit to the tennis match was not planned in advance, leaving everyone in the arena, including Williams herself, completely speechless when she showed up. She was not alone, obviously, as Lindsay Roth as well as Genevieve Hillis, both of whom are very close friends with Markle, decided to join the royal and watch the game together.

The fact that Markle’s closest friends were accompanying her to the match, just days prior to the christening of the young Archie Harrison, has led some media outlets to speculate that perhaps they are part of the group of individuals who would ultimately be declared Archie’s godparents. However, the Royals have not released any information pertaining to the identities of his godparents so far.

A Tennis Supporter

This is not the first time that Meghan has made her way to a tennis match, and she likes to keep it casual. In this match, she donned a jacket made by the one and only L’Agence coupled with a Denim jeans pair from one of her favorite brands, Outland.

Before this match, Markle had attended a fixture back in 2016, and in 2018 she was accompanied by Kate Middleton to a match, which also became the first time the two sisters-in-law had attended an event together.

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Kate Middleton has made an appearance with Markle at a tennis match as well.

A Long Friendship

According to reports, the first time both Markle and Williams became acquainted was back in the year 2010 during the Super Bowl being held in Miami. It was an instant connection, and the two have maintained a solid bond since then. Williams, along with her husband, were both invited to the royal wedding as well, and also took out time to watch Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, play a match of polo in England.

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Obviously, Williams was one of the attendees at the Harry-Meghan royal wedding. She looked absolutely amazing, and so did her husband.

There have also been reports stating Williams was also involved in the baby shower that was thrown for Markle in NYC, which makes sense considering Williams has children of her own and naturally wanted to help Markle through her transition into motherhood. Reportedly, Williams has also offered Markle a lot of advice on raising a child.

We haven’t seen Markle out in public as much as we used to before Archie’s birth, so certainly her attendance at the tennis match was a welcome sight for everyone.


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