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Meghan Markle’s LA House With Ex-Husband is Available For Sale, And You Would Not Believe What It Looks Like!

It might seem like Meghan Markle started living the rich lifestyle after marrying Prince Harry and becoming the Duchess of Sussex, but the actress was already living quite lavishly even before making the move to the United Kingdom.

Back when she was still married to her first husband, Trevor Engelson, she was residing in a gorgeous mansion with him located in Los Angeles. This is the same time that she was also filming her hit TV show Suits.

Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was married to Trevor Engelson

Markle lived at this house between the years 2011 and 2013, up until the time that the two took a divorce. Although we stopped paying attention to what happened to this house, now it has come on a listing for a generous price tag of around $1.8 million.

A House Made For A Family

Clearly, when Markle and Engelson had decided to live in this space, they had probably perceived they would be raising a family inside of it.

That is the only justification which could explain why they opted for this four-bedroom house, which is enough space to raise a family of four to five individuals very comfortably. The house also comes equipped with three bathrooms, which are enough to ensure that nobody has to wait for access to a bathroom whenever it is needed.

Meghan tied the knot with Prince Harry back in May 2018

For family gatherings, there is a gorgeous dining room so that the entire family can sit together and have a meal. An isolated area designed especially for having breakfast has also been installed so that the dining area does not have to be disturbed during the early hours of the day.

If the family simply wants to sit together without involving any food, there are two areas that act as a lounge offering a perfect space to just sit and relax in the company of your loved ones.

Gorgeous Outdoors

Although Markle and Engelson are obviously not using this property anymore, whoever moves in would be the proud new owner of a space that spans an area of around 2226 sq. ft., which is surrounded by palm trees giving the outside view of the property a very tropical vibe.

Since the house is located in California, it goes without saying that there is also a well-designed backyard to allow the residents an ample opportunity to catch the sunlight as much as needed.

Meghan’s current Frogmore Cottage residence is arguably just a little prettier compared to this house

Back inside, even the lounge areas have been provided with large windows that cover most of their walls to allow for as much sunlight inside the house as possible. Although it may seem like that the kitchen is small, it still comes with all of the amenities preinstalled offering a complete cooking experience to even the aptest chefs.

The bedrooms also deserve a special mention at this point, not only because they are very spacious, but also because the main bedroom’s bathroom has two sinks allowing a couple to use it at the same time. The house is beautiful in every way, befitting of the lifestyle that the Duchess was destined to live after her second marriage.

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