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Did Miley Cyrus Cheat on Liam Hemsworth? This Shocking Event Pushed Liam to End Their Marriage

When Liam and Miley had announced their split, most of us were wishing that they would somehow reconcile by working out their differences, as they have always done in the past. But then Liam filed for a divorce, and all of our hopes faded away with it.  But what pushed Liam over the edge this time?

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Everything seemed to be going fine in their relationship, but apparently the two could not resolve their differences

According to reports, apparently, Liam couldn’t see the possibility of reconciliation after the pictures of Miley Cyrus with Kaitlynn Carter came on the internet. The intimacy shown in those pictures made it evident that perhaps Cyrus and Carter were more than just friends, and this idea did not gel well with Liam and also his family, who are rather conservative.

A Family Matter

It can even be argued that Liam may have been okay with the pictures, as Cyrus has made it very clear in the past that she is attracted to both men and women. Hence, for Cyrus to become intimate with one of her female friends may not have come as a big shock to Liam, because, after all, they were separated.

But when it came to his family, they were reportedly not as accepting of the fact that Cyrus had proceeded to form an intimate relationship with a woman even though she was still, at least legally, married to Liam.

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For Liam, seeing his wife get intimate with a woman was enough to make him file for divorce.

Reports have even hinted that the problem may not have been the fact that Cyrus was apparently seeing a woman instead of another man, but the openness with which she was formulating another relationship without having legally ended her previous one.

Liam had reportedly wanted a reconciliation to happen at some point in the future, just like the couple did after having broken off their engagement a few years ago before getting back together and eventually tying the knot last December. But then the pictures of Cyrus and Carter went viral on the internet, and he knew it was time to end the marriage.

Cyrus Clears The Air

Naturally, Cyrus could not stay silent about the entire matter and decided to use her Twitter handle and explain her side of the story. According to her post, she was very sincere about developing a lasting relationship with Liam after the two had reconciled a few years ago as, according to her, she loved him completely without any doubt.

She clarified that she was not keeping any secrets about the reasons which have led to their separation, as the only factor at play here is the fact that she has matured as a human being.

Miley and Kaitlynn do look good together, although they have not officially declared their relationship yet

Cyrus stated in her post that every one of her life experiences had taught her a valuable lesson, and although she has not become the perfect human being (which is not a goal for her anyway as she finds perfection to be rather boring), she has still grown up and developed a deeper and clearer realization about the way she wants to live her life.

Cyrus put an end to the cheating rumors by stating that she proceeded with her relationship with Carter only after her relationship with Liam ended.

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