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Miley Cyrus Has Her Mom, Tish, Design Her Home – And It Looks Fabulous!

Miley Ray Cyrus, the 28-year-old songwriter, singer, and actress, has won the hearts of many through her iconic appearance as the title character of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, as well as the countless hit songs she’s released after stepping into the music industry. Being in the showbiz for nearly 20 years, Miss Cyrus has gained quite a bit of coin – her net worth appears to be up to $160 million!

Architectural Digest | Miley’s LA home is unlike any celeb home you’ve seen before

Miley’s Latest Digs

Less than a year ago, Miley dropped $4.95 million on a 6 bedroom and 7 bathroom house located in the Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles. It was purchased through an off-market deal, and the house appeared to be comprehensively refurbished. It’s been hardly a year since Miss Cyrus moved into the house and it’s all complete already. Her designer of choice was no one but her very own mother, Tish Cyrus, and her design partner, Matt Sanders.

Architectural Digest | The house turned out to be very beautiful and exuberant, much like the owner herself

Tish told Architectural Digest that, according to her, when a person walks into a house, they should recognize who it belongs to, what they’re like, what they love, and key details about their personality. That’s how you know you’ve done a good job. Since she knows her daughter so well, she was able to achieve exactly what Miley was hoping for.

Mother Knows Best, Indeed

According to Tish, she and Miley have very different styles. Tish is all about neutrals and boho chic, whereas Miley wants a lot of colors – for her, it has to feel like rock and roll. The house has several impressive features, such as a psychedelic ceiling treatment by Brian Robles, a surface designer, a bookcase by Ettore Sottsass, and a chair in the shape of a mouth also wiggles its tongue. Eccentric, to say the least.

Architectural Digest | Miley posing next to her iconic mouth chair

The backyard offers a quiet and peaceful space, perfect for meditation. And having the aesthetically pleasing pool makes it nothing less than an oasis. The wellness and gym area were an inspiration from their visit to the sublime Amangiri resort located in Utah.

Tish says that she felt amazing when Miley asked her to design her living space because she really could have hired any designer she wanted. She added that it felt really good when Miley told her that she loved what Tish had accomplished. Miley also loves that her mother is very understanding and non-judgmental, both as a designer and a mom, which makes her the ideal person to work with.

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