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Miley and Liam’s Divorce May Not Be a Dramatic Affair After All, And This Is Why!

Nobody can really anticipate whether a relationship would last or not. The truth is that people change all the time, and it is completely natural for two people to fall out of love, sometimes all of a sudden as well.

When we heard of the news that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were quitting their marriage just months after having exchanged vows, the first emotion most of us felt was that of shock, followed by curiosity. What pushed them to make this decision to split up?

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Miley and Liam split up last month even though they looked happy together while making public appearances a few months earlier

A lot has been speculated and discussed on the internet about the reasons behind their breakup, but since neither of them has offered any clarification about this, it is a futile discussion. But one thing many of us were interested in was the financial division of their assets.

Since Miley is the richer of the two, it was being said that she could possibly end up losing more than Liam, with Liam receiving a financial benefit from the divorce. However, new information has now revealed that perhaps the two of them already know what to expect by the end of their divorce proceedings.

A Prenuptial Agreement

While many people look down upon a pre-nuptial agreement simply because they believe it shows the existence of doubt in a loving relationship, for some the agreement is as natural as the contract of marriage itself. Thankfully, Miley and Liam belonged to the second category and already had an agreement in place which detailed all the steps to be followed in case the couple ever decided to end their marriage.

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They had gotten married last year in December after a lengthy relationship that had started back in 2009

Although we bet the two of them did not think this time would come so soon, perhaps it is for the best considering they are doing this for their own happiness. With the prenuptial agreement in place, they don’t even have to undergo the toxic divorce proceedings whereby their personal life would have been discussed heavily in the media while they would have fought each other in the courtroom or behind closed doors in order to reach an agreement.

Ready To Sign Off

For now, the two of them are simply waiting for all the paperwork to finalize so they can sign them off and officially end the marriage. According to reports, the divorce was initially filed by Hemsworth back in August, just a week after the couple had made the announcement that they had broken up. This filing ended all hope harbored by fans around the world who wanted the two of them to patch things up.

Miley has been spotted spending a lot of time with Kaitlynn Carter ever since she split from Liam

But what pushed Liam to file for divorce in the first place? Well, it is being said that he may not have done it if the pictures showing Miley vacationing with Kaitlynn Carter had not circulated the media.

In those pictures, Miley reportedly got a bit intimate with Carter, something which came as a shock to Liam’s conservative family. However, according to Miley herself, she had already decided to end things as it was no longer a healthier arrangement, although she still loves Liam very much.

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