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Your Mirror Lies! See For Yourself!

Many people don’t like their mirror reflexions. Some think they don’t look good, others think they aren’t photogenic. Experts say that camera picture doesn’t characterize how we actually look nor does the mirror. It is because the image isn’t always the same but different – it is at least rotated which may be a result of a huge change when we see ourselves how we actually look. Here are 5 reasons why our mirror reflexion isn’t our real look.

Unfocussed Perception Changes Everything

Our brain modifies every picture that we see before even seeing it. That happens when you see someone and think it might be your friend, but when you approach them, you understand that it is not who you thought it is. Our brain actually changed the visual signals and sent the modified images. Because of that, we may say that if you are thinking about yourself as a thin person you’ll actually see that. It proves that people who suffer from anorexia or bulimia keep seeing themselves as fat even when they enter a critical spot.

We See The Things We Are Afraid Of – Do You Know That?

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If you are afraid of dogs, you have probably experienced that you heard them walking behind you even when there wasn’t anything there. Our brain helps us find the objects we fear so we could protect ourselves better. Furthermore, if you fear from looking fat or old, that might be the first thing you will notice when you stand in front of the mirror. Since this may be your fear, it will need some time for you to overcome it. To start with, try to be realistic – don’t be afraid of anything in your reflexion and accept all the facts. If you are afraid of looking fat, first determine your BMI and if you really are in that group, consider working out – it will give you the power and will to fight back.

Avoid Focusing on The Bad Things

When our brain focuses on an object, it starts getting bigger and bigger in our eyes. If you, for example, have a scar or a mole on your face, it is very likely that you’ll see it bigger than it actually is. This can be said for any of features on our face or body that we don’t like. For example, your waist, legs, arms, etc. may look even more thin/fat than usually just because you don’t like it. In these instances, it is better to change the course of thinking immediately. Close your eyes and start thinking about your qualities – then open the eyes and start looking in the mirror.

Stop Dumping The Important Things

When you don’t like someone, you usually forget or neglect all the good things that he/she actually has. This is the same thing that happens related to ourselves. You will discard all the good features on your body, just because of the things you don’t like. The good thing will be that you do just the opposite – focus on the best features on your face or body. If you think that it isn’t possible – practice! Do this for a week or two and you’ll start noticing how your perception changes. Step by step you will notice how beautiful actually you are and how many qualities you actually have.

Your Mood Changes Everything

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If you look at yourself in the mirror when you’ve gained a lot of weight, you’ll additionally hate your looks. In the opposite case, if you lose weight and stand in front of the mirror, you’ll start admiring your looks and feeling positive. Make sure that you are in a good mood when you stand in a front of the mirror. If you are sad when doing it, at least stop searching your own flaws.

We certainly have experienced all of these things before and it is a very interesting thing to realize that it has been just a product of our way of thinking. It is amazing to know that the self-confidence some people have, actually comes from the inside – it is the thing their brains create which later becomes their reality.

Everyone should appreciate themselves as valuable and beautiful people. You should make sure to become aware of all the tricks that your brain is playing on you so that you won’t end up thinking that you’re less attractive and beautiful than you really are. Be aware of your own qualities!

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