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These Movies Are 20 Years Old

Back in 1997 many good movies were produced. Here are just a few of them, which you should watch again now when they are celebrating their 20th birthday. Even though some of them got really bad marks on the IMDB ratings, they are still worth watching. Here you can see more of them.

No. 1 – Titanic (7,7/10 IMDB rating)

James Cameron’s movie from 1997 was the most expensive one in the 20th century. The director wanted to include as many real-life details as possible, so he contacted all the people who had any connections with the real Titanic.

Many details were real, for example, the time on the clock on the Grand Staircase which can be seen at the end of the movie – it was really 2:20 when the real ship sank. Also, many descriptions were actually words uttered by real survivors, for example, Jack’s description of freezing water that it felt “like a thousand knives”.

No. 2 – Men in Black (7,3/10 IMDB rating)

Apart from its alien-related theme, this adventure comedy is also famous for its characters wearing dark sunglasses. Did you know that those sunglasses became enormously popular when this movie was released and even tripled in sales? Another interesting fact is that the movie’s director Barry Sonnenfeld was afraid of working with Tommy Lee Jones due to his allegedly bad temper. Can you imagine anyone else playing the role instead of Tommy Lee Jones? We couldn’t. 

No. 3 – Tomorrow Never Dies (6,5/10 IMDB rating)

This eighteenth sequel of James Bond movies was supposed to be titled Tomorrow Never Lies, but there was a typing error and we got this title with ‘dies’. This actually makes a lot of sense because the plot is such that Elliot Carver was making the headlines one day in advance, and thus caused the events to happen the next day. It got one Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song Tomorrow Never Dies made by Sheryl Crow and Mitchell Froom.

No. 4 – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (7/10 IMDB rating)

A ridiculous secret agent movie was first made in 1997 and later got its sequels (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999 and Austin Powers in Goldmember in 2002). It was written by Mike Myers who was both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. Myers actually never planned to play both characters and asked Jim Carrey to play Dr. Evil. Carey wanted the role but had some schedule conflicts with the movie he was already on.

No. 5 – The Fifth Element (7,7/10 IMDB rating)

Luc Besson started working on this movie back in 1992. Once he stated: “I was a little bit frustrated because I made the film right before all the new effects arrived. So when I did the film it was all blue screen, six hours, dots on the wall, takes forever to do one shot. Now, basically, you put the camera on your shoulder and then you run and then you add a couple of dinosaurs and spaceships.” He later added that he would like to make a sequel now when the technologies are so advanced.

No. 6 – Batman and Robin (3,7/10 IMDB rating)

This is considered as the worst Batman movie ever made even though it is full of great actors: George Clooney as Batman, Chris O’Donnell as Robin, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, Alicia Silverstone as  Batgirl and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr.Freeze. The actor who was paid the most was not Clooney nor O’Donnell, but Schwarzenegger. He got the incredible amount of $25 million, which is even more than $1 million per minute of screentime. So to conclude, Schwarzenegger was approximately paid  $1 million per an utterance. Amazingly bad investment.

No. 7 – The Lost World: Jurassic Park (6,5/10 IMDB rating)

This is the second movie in the series about The Jurassic Park that was directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie has a lot more dinosaur chasing than its first part. This was due to a letter from a fan asking the filmmakers to put more dinosaurs in the movie about the dinosaurs. A legitimate request, right? Well, the directors liked the idea and now this movie is more popular than its first part produced back in 1993.

No. 8 – I Know What You Did Last Summer (5,6/10 IMDB rating)

This movie was based on the novel from 1973 written by Lois Duncan (who reportedly hated the movie). It is a horror story that became so popular that it has been frequently parodied in many other movies. On the set of this movie, a love story between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. was born. Who would have thought that such a macabre atmosphere could lead to a love story? So unromantic.

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