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Nick Jonas Carried a Bag to This Paris Fashion Week Show, But Did He Manage To Pull It Off?

There was a time when fashion was distinct from showbusiness, in that the performers in the entertainment industry did not have much influence on the world of fashion, vice versa. However, now times have changed, and perhaps Vogue Magazine can be credited for that as it pioneered the concept of featuring movie stars on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Since then, Hollywood celebrities have paid an increasing amount of attention to their style, or at least when it comes to making public appearances. In fact, we have now reached a point where celebrities are the ones defining fashion trends through their unique sense of style, as they are looking for innovation designers to build them the most bespoke pieces in order to grab the most media attention.

A recent example of this phenomenon has to be the appearance made by one of the most popular couples of Hollywood, Nick Jonas, and actress Priyanka Chopra, as the two left everyone stunned with their gorgeousness as soon as they stepped on the red carpet of an event being held at the Paris Fashion Week.

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Both Nick and Priyanka are among the most fashionable people we know.

Always Very Fashionable

We started paying attention to these two all the way back in 2017 when they dazzled the audience with their flawless ensembles at the Met Gala, although at that time we were paying more attention to the fact that they had become a couple rather than the outfits they wore (although we still paid a lot of attention to those as well). Ever since, there has yet to be a disappointing public appearance made by these two, as they always manage to slay when it comes to choosing their looks.

This time, it was a fashion show for the brand Dior, so naturally, both Nick and Priyanka chose to wear some of the most recent pieces made by the brand. For Chopra, the choice was simple: a gown in a dark-green color that had a neckline all the way down to her navel, although it was closed at the neck to sort of give the image of a keyhole. The skirt had a pleated design to it, and the entire look was brought together with the help of a belt donning the expensive CD logo on it. Reportedly, this belt alone had a price tag of $630.

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Both of them always manage to dazzle us with their unique outfit combinations.

Nick The Fashionista

When it comes to being fashionable, Nick does not hesitate following his stylish wife’s footsteps. Wearing a piece by Dior himself, the young Jonas kept it simple with a black jacket however it had a huge embellishment in floral design at one side. A green shirt in a button-up style combined with black trousers completed the look, but Nick did not stop there.

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Nick Jonas is arguably the most stylish among the Jonas Brothers.

To take his look up a notch, Nick decided to carry a black bag that had a clutch shape to it. Just the fact that we have seldom seen men carrying a bag in this manner is proof enough of the bold fashion sense that is slowly becoming an identifier for both Nick and Priyanka. We can’t wait to see what they choose to wear next.

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