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There is Nothing The Miz Would Need After Moving Into This Spectacular House He Bought for $6.4 Million!

In the world of celebrities, there is always someone looking for a gorgeous house in the real estate market, one that matches their preferences and is also within their budget. For some, it is a quintessential house located in a suburban area that costs them a couple of million, but for others, it is a luxurious mansion that is worth at least a few tens of millions of dollars.

However, The Miz seems to have found a house that is somewhere in between, at least as far as the price tag is concerned.

The Miz has made a big name for himself in the wrestling world

According to reported figures, the house which has been recently purchased by the wrestler cost him a staggering $6.4 million, but considering the features that it has to offer, we must say he really got himself a bargain.

The house is situated in the Thousand Oaks region of the California state, and according to details of the purchase, Miz has obviously bought it under his real name Mike Mizanin along with Maryse Mizanin, his wife.

A Grand Abode

There is no doubt that the house is big enough to accommodate a lot of people at the same time. Spread over a massive 10,400 sq. ft., the Mizanins would get to live in the house’s six bedrooms as well as have access to nine bathrooms. The manor has been designed in a neoclassical style, taking inspiration from the English tradition.

Both The Miz and his wife Maryse got married back in 2014

In total, the area including and surrounding the property is about 1.27 acres, which is enclosed by well-secured gates that serve as the entry points to the house, although one may argue that having these gates may be overdoing the security aspect of the house considering the fact that it is already located inside a community that has its own gates.

Gorgeous Views

One of the most defining aspects of this property that must have played a significant role in the purchase decision made by the Mizanins is the attractive views that are accessible by whoever lives in this house. The Mizanins would get a front-seat view of the mountains that are nearby, and also fairways on the golf course.

Their new Thousand Oaks home is certainly a sight to behold

The interior of the house complements its outdoors in a very adequate manner. For example, there is a larger-than-life hall as soon as you enter the house, adorned with a breath-taking crystal chandelier that immediately takes the observer to another era.

There are many other, very important features in the house that are essential for a lavish lifestyle, such as an indoor movie that has seating for up to nine people and a billiards room.

The living spaces are also fully equipped with some very exciting features that ensure added comfort for the residents, such as multiple fireplaces, a wine cellar, and for some outdoor activities, a few lawns/gardens plus a pool. There is also a spa which has a waterfall installed into it, and if the Mizanins feel like cooking outdoors, then a well-stocked kitchen is available outdoors as well.

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