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Olivia Newton-John Just Sold an Entire Forest, and This Is What Makes It so Special!

While some people like selling properties within a couple of years after having initially purchased them, either because the value has increased substantially or they are simply bored with it when it comes to people like actress Olivia Newton-John, they are simply in no rush whatsoever.

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Olivia Newton-John is now in her 70s, yet looking as radiant as ever

According to reports, the actress has sold a 187-acre farmland she owned in the New South Wales region of Australia, and although we are not sure about the price she has finally been able to charge for the sale, according to an earlier listing that had been made in February this year, Olivia had wanted it to sell around the $3.42 million mark.

A Long-Term Investment

But the most surprising element of the sale is the fact that it took Olivia around 40 years to finally sell the property, after having originally bought it back in 1978. Reportedly, she had made the purchase after having risen to global fame and success by delivering exceptional performance in the movie musical called Grease.

The exceptional beauty of the farm is bound to capture anyone’s attention

The farm itself is a heaven for those who love nature, as it hosts approximately 10K trees. For adequate water provision, two dams have also been installed within the property for better water management. The property also boasts a gorgeous natural waterfall that is a sight of beauty for anyone looking to engage with nature in the most complete sense. A creek is also present, while the entire property has a breathtaking stream that runs ever-so-gently all across it.

Captured Her Heart

For Olivia, at least according to an interview that she once gave, the actress fell in love with all that this property had to offer simply because it spread over such a large area and was full of trees. Olivia called this place a magical spot and also has made it a point to mention the fact that it is home to many species of animals and birds, signifying its importance in nature.

The actress also noted that the birds that are present in this farm have very appealing songs which they sing to bring a glorious morning to all residents.

But it’s not just the forest that Olivia has sold. According to the listed features, the farm also comes with the main house that has three spacious bedrooms. It also has a kitchen that has enough space to allow for eating right there, with a gorgeous aesthetic that includes timber floors as well as walls that look like fossils because they have pebbles and also shells installed within them.

The actress became exceptionally famous after delivering a phenomenal performance in the iconic film Grease

There is a separate yet connected facility to the house for the purpose of entertaining guests, which has four bedrooms as well as an entirely separate entrance. The main house of the property had been rebuilt back in 2002, so there is very little wear and tear to the property.

But Olivia is not actually moving away from the forest she has grown to love. According to reports, she is relocating within a 30-mile radius of it, more specifically at Gaia, and so she can visit it whenever she is feeling too nostalgic, that’s for sure.

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