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Outrageous Celebrity Junks that Were Bought for RIDICULOUS Prices

Celebrities have powers – at least the capacity to add star factor onto whatever they get a hold of, even their garbage. A magic touch, it seems, because everything they own, whether valuable or not, manage to get a sky-high price tag. It’s the epitome of the saying “a man’s garbage is another’s treasure,” especially when it comes from popular people.

While the sound of that might seem unrealistic, there are actually a lot who are willing to pay tons of money for the A-listers’ garbage. Here are some of the most ridiculous trash that were sold for unbelievable prices:

Scarlet Johansson’s Tissue

Someone bought Scarlett Johansson’s diseased tissue for $5,300

Scarlett Johansson may be known for being a versatile actress but she is also a generous person, even if she opts for unconventional ways to earn money. We’re talking about her 2008 guest appearance at the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where she obviously had a cold.

So while there, the host gave her a tissue, which she used to blow her nose. Afterward, the “Avengers” star sealed the used tissue in a bag and then signed it. It was put up for auction on eBay, where it was bought for $5,300 – an amount given to the USA Harvest charity.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Justin Bieber could practically sell his sweat and people would still buy it

Canadian crooner can easily sweep anyone’s feet with a few lines of whatever song, so it is not really shocking to know that a lot of people are willing to buy whatever he has to sell, especially if it’s something that’s personal.

When Justin Bieber appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he revealed that he chopped some of his trademark locks and put it into a transparent, signed box. It was sold for $40,668 and just like Scarlett, the money went to a charity.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Breath

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the power couple we never thought would dissolve. So when the actress filed for divorce in 2016 after 11 years of gracing red carpets together and raising six children, shocking was an understatement.

But while their love story may have ended, people still admire them. So when a jar allegedly containing their breath was sold on eBay, it was bought for $523.

The amount is obviously well below the others on this list, but it speaks a lot about how people are OK to shell out money just to get their hands on anything from the former lovers despite the fact that it is questionable how the seller, someone named Joe Wilson, managed to contain their breaths on a jar.

John Lennon’s Tooth

John Lennon, member of one of the most influential bands, The Beatles, had given his tooth to his housekeeper

People keep going ga-ga over crazy things, which was probably established even more in 2011 when a Canadian dentist fetched John Lennon’s rotten tooth from the Omega Auction House for an eye-popping $31,200! But, how did they even get a hold of his molar? Apparently, the Beatles member gave it to Dorothy Jarlett, his housekeeper, to give it to her daughter who was a huge fan of the band.

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