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How to Pack Luxurious Clothes and Items

Every time you are preparing for a trip, you wish you had ten more suitcases, or at least 50 pounds more so you could sit on top of those you have in order to close the bag. These tricks will thrill you and also make your traveling luxurious.

We know it’s difficult to choose between favorite items from your wardrobe. It’s also hard as hell deciding which jewelry is necessary, how much liquid toiletries to bring and how to fit all the items into the baggage.  Not to mention the fear of theft.  So, here’s how you should pack everything you need for a luxurious vacation.

 Never fold your clothes

It can make sense to fold the clothes you put in your wardrobe, but roll them up tightly instead in order to take up less space. They will not get wrinkled ( if that is your concern), but you will be able to bring almost double the number of clothes for the trip.


When you are packing necklaces and bracelets that might tangle, you can set them between two sheets of plastic wraps to prevent them from moving around and tangling. For the smaller jewelry like rings and earrings, you can use pill case compartments. If you are taking only one necklace and one pair of earrings, you will need a straw and one button. So now you can string the ends of a necklace through straws, and fasten the small stud earrings through buttonholes.



If you don’t want your bras to lose their shape, and to save up on the space, pack them one on top of the other, fold them in half, and then tuck the underwear inside. This way, the cups will not fold inward and thus the life of your bras will be longer. In the end, to keep all of this safe, put it in a bag that usually comes with a new pair of shoes – it’s thin enough, so it doesn’t take up much space.


Every time you travel, you wash the soles of your shoes so that they don’t make your clothes dirty? Wrong. Use an old shower cap to keep the dirty soles away from the clothes. Also, when you are packing footwear, if you are low on space, you can put socks and products that will not burst inside the shoes.

 How to pack glass

When you pack perfumes or other products that come in glass containers, place them inside socks first. Then, when you start packing, place that in the middle of your suitcase, so it’s safe from any tumbling and rough handling that might come upon it during your trip.

 Prevent spillage

Whenever you travel, liquid products are a must – shampoo, conditioner, face creme, body wash…and all those usually come with very unstable lids. So, to prevent these products from bursting and ruining everything inside your bag, do this. Cut a small square of plastic wrap, take the product’s lid off, place the plastic wrap on top, screw the lid on again. This way, even if the lid gets opened, nothing will spill out.

 Make it lighter

One problem with your luggage might be the fact that it is too heavy. Don’t try to distribute the weight evenly around the rolly suitcase. Instead, pack the heaviest items on the bottom so that when you are ready to go, it will be much easier to roll.

 Think of the trip back

Wherever you go, you will certainly come back with two things – gifts for the loved ones, and dirty laundry. For the gifts – bring four feet of bubble wrap. It will make the breakable gifts safe, and you will not have to worry too much about them. For the laundry – bring a thin, collapsible laundry bag. On your trip there, it can be placed on top of everything, and it will take up no space at all. During your stay at the hotel, it will keep your clothes off the floor, and on the trip back, it will separate clean clothes from the dirty ones.

 Cords, earphones, and chargers

When you packed everything, put the smallest items in small zip bags and distribute them through the suitcase – wherever you see free space, tuck them.

That’s it. You are ready to have your luxurious travel. Bon voyage!

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