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This Is Why More People Are Choosing Airbnb

A lot of people love to travel to be able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. However, everyone knows how expensive it can be not just with the tickets or fuel, but also because you must find a place to stay and everyone knows how expensive it can be to stay in a hotel for a few weeks or even just for the weekend. This is one of the main reasons why Airbnb is now taking over and people seem to get into it so much.

Airbnb Fever

For those who still don’t have a clue, Airbnb is actually an online community marketplace wherein you can rent real homes of other people. Those who wish to have their homes be open for people to stay at can play host to some of those who would like to accommodate rather than to stay in a hotel. This is not just within the United States, but it is actually available all over the world. There is even now an app that you can download on your smartphone to use it.

This is just one of the most popular reasons why more and more people find Airbnb more convenient for them compared to hotels. If you wish to stay in a hotel, then you most likely have to do it the old school way by contacting them and make a reservation or through their travel agents.

With an app, you may easily search through their database anytime and anywhere by just creating your own profile in it. As a traveler, you may contact the hosts themselves and submit a reservation once you found the perfect Airbnb for you. You may even contact the hosts to know more about the place via the contact information that they have provided.

You’ll then be charged about 6 to 12 percent guest service fee to cover customer support. You’ll only be charged once the host confirms your reservation and you can even pay using major credit cards as well as your mobile money using PayPal, Google Wallet, and other major debit cards.

Most Amazing Airbnb

Since it has got to be the most convenient and most popular way to have a home away from home, here are some of the most amazing Airbnb that the world has to offer for those who are not worried about the costs at all.

Some of these rentals are in-demand that you must book it months prior to your arrival because they are top-rated. It is such a life goal to travel the world so why not have a full amazing experience by having some of the bets Airbnb you could possibly find.

If you ever visit South Korea, then you must check out the Haeundae Ocean Top View, which literally located just 5 minutes away from the Haeundae beach. It is known to be cleaned and so comfy and is also near the Donbaek station. Some of its reviews say that the place is very stylish and at the same time so modern. It is literally like an apartment that only cost less than $50 a night.

If you’re around Victoria, Australia then it is best to try the Cozy Cottage with Valley Views. It is known to be a peaceful location despite how close it is to all the attractions and the shopping centers. It is a bit more pricey with over $160 a night of stay but it is good for five people.

When in New York, try getting that Airbnb for about $60 that is just a 5-minute drive from JFK airport. It can be pretty inconvenient to stay in hotels and try to get to different places in New York because of how bad the traffic is in the city. If you’re into walking then you wouldn’t have a problem adapting to New York.

Iceland also has something great to offer, just about 12 kilometers from Hofn, you will definitely love to enjoy nature by going on hikes and having a stroll along the river. They have the biggest glacier in Europe since they are all surrounded by mountains. The country is known to have the most famous blue lagoon that almost everyone in the world would love to see and experience.

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