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Is It Possible to Pursue Your Passion While Working Full Time?

One of the hardest decisions in life is whether to follow your passion or go for what pays your bills. Most of the time, people are forced to sacrifice their passion because their responsibilities and obligations are more important than what their hearts truly desire. To some people who are determined, they try to do and balance both.

However, time management is not an easy task. Is it really possible to pursue our passion while working full-time? If you are one these people who are struggling to balance the two, we have some tips on how you can succeed.

Know your Priorities

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Most people fail to pursue their dreams because they have hectic schedules; by the time they are done with the day job, they are too tired to do anything else. As such, the dreams are not their top priority.  

If you really want to pursue your dream successfully,  you must make some time to work on it. Therefore, it becomes a question of how badly you want to achieve that dream. If you know your priorities, only then you will be able to know what direction to take. No matter how tired you are, you should find some motivation to chase your dream if you surely want to live it.


Think Of Your Job as a Sponsor, Not An Enemy

People feel miserable whenever they get to their places of work because they do not like what they do. Their job is not in line with their passions and dreams, so they lack the motivation to press on. If not so, the little motivation they have does not last long. To solve this problem, you have to change your mindset.

Remember that you are hesitant to follow your passion is because you have to support your lifestyle. Furthermore, achieving your dream is costly. Writers need to pay editors to craft their works, while musicians need to buy instruments and learn to play them. Even aspiring business people need to have the capital to invest and risk. If you don’t like your job, where will you get this capital? Therefore, think of your job as a sponsor that will help you reach your dream. That way, you will be motivated to press on.

Set Specific Goals and Deadlines


One reason why you feel too overwhelmed to achieve your dreams is that it is vague and you lack a specific plan on how to attain it. Do you even know where to start and end?

To start with, break down your goal into smaller, specific goals and set deadlines for each.

For example, if your goal is to write a book, outline the chapters and set a date by which you should write. This simplifies your workload, and without you knowing it, you will have finished writing the whole book.

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