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Price Harry and Meghan Markle Are Taking a New Step towards Independence from UK Royalty

In a new step away from the Royal Palace of England, Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, announced their formal shutdown of the Sussex Royal charity. The source confirmed that the paperwork had already been done, and the closure is only a matter of time. The organization will go through a solvent liquidation process during its cessation, and the Duke will continue his job as the director and trustee of the organization until the liquidity process is completed.

This comes as another step in a series of moves the controversial royal couple has taken on their journey towards full independence from the UK royal family’s responsibilities. Whether it was social, financial, or even political, the two have often criticized some British policies and expressed a desire for total independence.


Pinterest | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have often opposed UK Royalty’s policies and expressed interest for total independence

British, and even the global society, are keeping their eyes on Prince Harry’s story. Starting from a very shocking move by leaving the royal palace to closing the Sussex Royal charity, Harry has taken significant leaps to turn his and his wife’s lives around.

Queen Elizabeth responded to Prince Harry and his wife’s demands and withdrew them from all royal powers. This includes not allowing them to use the “Royal” word on their projects or official dealings. The announcement for this significant change came just before the couple moved to live in Canada.


Forbes | Following their constant requests, the couple is not longer allowed to use the “Royal” word on their projects

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The news of closing the charity comes alongside news of their establishment of a new organization in Los Angeles under the name of Archewell. Through this established, they intend to focus on personal charitable projects and initiatives during the Coronavirus lockdown until the organization can officially open.

The most relevant project of this establishment is the eco-friendly “Travalyst” Travel and Tourism Initiative, which Prince Harry launched earlier this year. This initiative is supported by several significant travel and tourism companies worldwide, such as Visa,, and Skyscanner.


FoxNews | The couple is becoming an inspiration for many across the globe

The initiative aims to help travelers make environmentally friendly options on their travel trips, to help reduce carbon emissions, which will reflect a significant impact on the global ecosystem. Its operators will also help travelers choose the tourist destinations that have the most positive impact on local communities.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle are perhaps the most famous couple in the world today. They always present unprecedented actions and courageous initiatives that we hope will inspire many all around the globe

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