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Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia seem to be having a Good Time with their Children. Pictures tell All!

The influence of Coronavirus has reached everyone, including the royal family in Sweden. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s plans of vacationing with their two beautiful children have fallen victim to the lockdowns and social distancing measures in place.

But it seems the royal family has found a workaround for spending quality time together. The last set of photos published by Princess Sofia on Instagram documents their family summer vacation. What’s more, from the looks of it, it appears that the family is having a perfect time!


MeredithCorp | Princess Sofia of Sweden has posted photos from her family picnic on Instagram

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Breaking stereotypes around holidaying and traveling, Princess Sofia demonstrated to the world that spending great moments with family isn’t bound by restrictions. In the photo of her two children sitting in a garden with a sweet smile on their faces, it’s like she wants to portray that simplicity can be a significant source of happiness.

The royal kids, Alexander and Gabriel, recently visited the Nynäs Nature Reserve with their parents, where they had a small family picnic. The princess has shared mesmerizing shots from the picnic on her Instagram. Among them, in one picture, she can be seen happily showing something to her children by pointing in the distance. Another capture indicates that the family also swam Lake Gisesjön; even the family’s dog can be seen swimming in flight from this hot atmosphere!


MeredithCorp | The family seems to be having a great time in the solitude

The royal couple even took bicycle tours between rural areas, surrounded by the beauty of nature and beautiful greens. They published pictures of them during a stop at one of the cafes, and they seemed to be having a great day.

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On a side note, King Carl XVI Gustaf earlier issued a decision to strip five of his royal grandchildren of their surnames: Prince Alexander (6), Prince Gabriel (2) who are Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s children, as well as Princess Leonore (6), Prince Nicolas (5) and Princess Adrienne (2), the children of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill.

The decision states that these royal children will later restore their surnames, but they will not be able to transfer them to their children. The decision excludes the children of Princess Victoria, who will receive the throne with her husband, Prince Daniel. Their children are Princess Estelle (8), and Prince Oscar (4).


MeredithCorp | Pictures of them swimming and taking bicycle tours around the landscape have been shared

Regardless of this slightly harsh decision, things seem to be stable in the Swedish royal house, and this is all we wish for.

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