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Prince Harry and Meghan Travel to France And Visit Sir Elton John, But This Is Why The Public Is Now Calling Them Out On It!

The royal family in Britain has tried their best to remain as frugal as possible in their spending habits because they have been facing extraordinary scrutiny by the public in recent times due to the somewhat struggling economy of the UK. However, ever since Meghan Markle has gotten married to Prince Harry, things seem to have changed in the royal household with respect to their expenditure.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married back in May 2018 and since then have attended many official tours together

Apparently, Markle does not seem to feel as strongly about the need to spend frugally as compared to the rest of her new family members. Markle and Prince Harry had exchanged wedding vows back in May of 2018, and since then she has been traveling around the world with her new husband on both official as well as unofficial events.

These trips have mostly been on private jets, which makes sense considering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are high profile individuals and probably would have to face a lot of trouble if they fly commercially. But the public seems to be irked because of all the money being spent by the couple.

Frequent Private Jet Flyers

According to reports, the Sussex pair have traveled on four private jets by chartering them within a span of just 11 days. Their first flight took them to Ibiza, where the pair had vacationed at an exclusive resort which is usually frequented by only the richest people on the planet. Next, they visited Sir Elton John at his residence located in the Nice region of France, which was again registered by the public as an unofficial visit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are being questioned about the need to take so many private jet trips

As far as the public is concerned, both Harry and Meghan do not seem to be conforming with their support for the environment by using private jets. Since they are flying without any other passengers, all of the carbon emissions being released by their planes into the environment are being charged to their personal carbon footprint, a figure which could be dramatically reduced if the pair chose to fly on commercial planes.

Sir Elton John’s Defense

But the pair have a very strong advocate on their side, as John has offered a statement to the public for clarification on the entire issue. It needs to be noted at this point that John was also a very close friend of Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, and hence there exists a very strong possibility that some bias may be present in his defense of the Prince and his wife.

They looked absolutely wonderful on their recent trip to Ibiza

According to John, the Prince and Markle should not be accused of harming the environment as John himself had made an equally offsetting contribution to the organization called Carbon Footprint.

This organization takes such contributions and invests them in projects around the world aimed at finding sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to otherwise carbon-emitting methods.

According to estimates, the minimum that John may have paid to the initiative to offset the carbon emitted by the Prince and Markle through the plane is around $135, although he may have paid more than that depending upon the various options available on the initiative’s website.

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