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Prince Harry and Meghan Used $3 Million Of Taxpayer Funds To Renovate Frogmore Cottage, And Here’s Why It’s Justified!

Ever since they have gotten married, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who now hold official titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have increasingly maintained that they want greater privacy than most other members of the royal family.

Although the life of the royals is not as blatantly on display for the public as, say, a reality show, the public still demands to be kept updated with any important happenings in the royal household, complete with pictures and, if necessary, videos.

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Both Harry and Meghan looked stunning at their wedding ceremony, held last year in May.

In return for their public disclosures, the royal family receives funding from the government of the UK, which is then used by the Queen for multi-purposes including renovations of all the royal family-owned properties across the country.

Naturally, Harry and Meghan’s demand to have a more private life might not have settled all too well with the public, especially after finding out that the royal couple used $3 million of the public’s money to renovate their new home.

Spending Taxpayer Funds

Technically, the royal couple has done nothing wrong in utilizing taxpayer funds for the renovation of their new residential home, Frogmore Cottage, as these funds had been allocated for this purpose in the first place.

This gorgeous mansion, which has spacious 10 bedrooms and resides on the majestic grounds of the mighty Windsor Castle, was in use by the royal staff and not in a condition fit enough for royal residents.

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Although it is not a palace, Frogmore Cottage is still more spacious than the average home.

Hence, extensive renovations had to be done to transform the mansion into a home for the budding family of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and both of them officially moved from their home at Kensington Palace in March of this year. Most of the work had to be performed on five of the residential units which, according to the recent financial report released by the royal family, were in a terrible state.

Sentimental Value

We can understand why Harry and Meghan may have selected Frogmore Cottage as their new home, even though it needed so much work. After all, the couple got married at the St George’s Chapel, which stands at a walking distance from the cottage.

The renovated cottage now includes an exquisite and very useful nursery for Archie Harrison, the couple’s new-born son. Also, the pair can now take care of all their fitness needs at home thanks to an indoor gym and also a studio designed for performing yoga. Although the royal family’s annual report does not confirm whether these features have indeed been added with the renovation but, considering their utility, we aren’t inclined to believe otherwise.

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St. George’s Chapel is now a very famous tourist attraction as well.

But the total sum spent on Frogmore Cottage is peanuts compared to the overall expenditure spent on renovation works performed on royal properties across the country. In the past fiscal year, the family spent $42 million on all refurbishing work, $3.4 million of which was spent on Buckingham Palace alone.

The Palace is undergoing a 10-year project for its reservicing which will demand a total of $482.5 million in funding, however, this is necessary as an independent report had recommended urgent work to avoid any serious damage to the property.

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