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Prince William Concerned about the Homeless- Visits Peterborough Garden House to Inquire about the Efforts of Welfare Organizations

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and the third in the line for the throne, exhibits the humane traits of his late mother Diana. At age 38, he is known to have collaborated with many charity organizations as the face of the royal family, making a conscious effort to reduce suffering and plight in the UK.

Royal UK | The prince is a lot like his late mother, Princess Diana

The coronavirus pandemic, which took the entire world in its wave and dismantled the global economy, left many people homeless and jobless in England. On Thursday, 16th July 2020, Prince William visited a homeless support facility at Peterborough to overlook the efforts made by the organization to support the vulnerable class of the society.

At the Garden House, the prince met with representatives of the Safer off the Streets partnership and members of other voluntary welfare organizations, appreciating their efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the homeless community. The organization had strived to provide long term housing facility to the distraught while providing them their basic necessities like food and health care services. This is in line with the commitment made by Peterborough that it would provide shelter to about 130 homeless citizens in guest rooms. The Garden House was also left open during the epidemic to welcome any and everyone in distress due to the economic downturn.

FILE PHOTO | Prince William giving a speech during a meeting of the United for Wildlife Taskforces

Throughout the period of the outbreak of the virus, William has remained in contact with other organizations engaged with welfare work like the Passage and Centrepoint, showing his concern for the citizens of the UK helping them survive these turbulent times.

This royal visit was preceded by the prince’s first-ever webinar in which he addressed the United for Wildlife Taskforces. This organization sprung in 2014, inaugurated by the esteemed prince himself, for the sake of protecting animals from the precipice of extinction.

In the virtual address, he expressed concern over the worsening economic condition due to the novel coronavirus. He also hinted towards a rise in illegal hunting as a result of the virus, where more and more people might be inclined towards primitive ways of sustenance to provide for their family. This would dampen the conservative efforts of the wildlife protection movements throughout the world.

Fox News | The royal brothers remain quite active on the humanitarian front

Prince William culminated his address by emphasizing a need to assess the origin of the virus and taking preventive measures to avoid any such ordeal in the future. He also asked the authorities to concentrate upon strengthening the structural base of the society to reduce the impact of any such crisis on the society.

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