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These Private Jet Tours Are Offering an Amazing Vacation At This Handsome Price!

Having seen celebrities jet off to some of the most exotic places around the world for what can only be described as a luxurious vacation, many of us aspire to do the same. However, it is not very easy to plan out a trip that offers a great experience without putting a huge dent in our pocket.

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Some places look like they exist only in fantasy

Thankfully, there are companies that are offering packages that promise to deliver a lavish experience within a pre-specified price range. And the best thing about them is, you would be traveling on a private jet, even if you don’t own one yourself.

Looking For A Culturally-Rich Experience?

According to Embark, which is a company that offers adventurous travelling options to its customers, you can go on a trip focused on culture as well as education through the Private Jet Expeditions being offered by the National Geographic, or the Smithsonian Journeys tours. These tours not only offer guided tours but are also very cheap considering the level of convenience and quality being offered to the travelers.

The National Geographic tours are priced at around $79K for one person, for the most basic plan, which can increase based upon the services requested by the passenger. You would be flown around in a Boeing 757, which is a jet that would have around a maximum of 75 seats made of leather. There would be a chef onboard the aircraft as well as a catering officer. A dedicated resource to personally handle your luggage would also be of assistance throughout the trip, which includes some very amazing locations such as the Americas (except for North America), Africa, and a few other global locations.

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Travelling on a private jet saves a lot of time and is also very comfortable due to spacious seats and ample leg space

The Smithsonian trip is a bit more expensive compared to the one being offered by National Geographic, priced at around $86K per passenger. The custom jet would be a Boeing 757 again, but this one promises 76 seats of business-class quality. The locations include some of the most historic places, such as Machu Pichu, Petra, and Samoa, to name a few.

All Aboard The Four Seasons

This one is considered as an investment by many businesspersons, as it allows them exposure to some very remote locations, which would never have become a destination for them had they planned a trip on their own due to the inconvenience in travel offered by these locations.

According to Javier Loureiro, who is responsible for ensuring that all guests have a wonderful experience with the Four Seasons, the planes being offered to passengers are considered an extension of the Four Seasons brand and hence they make sure it offers the passengers as much luxury as promised by other branches of the brand.

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These tours promise a comfortable traveling experience aboard private jets and also a stay in luxurious hotels around the world

For this trip, which will take you to 9 of the most beautiful destinations in the world including Paris and Budapest and accommodate you at the Four Seasons hotel located in these locations, you are expected to pay up around $163K per passenger. The trip would last around 24 days at max but is surely an experience of a lifetime.

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