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Projects Which Raised the Most on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an amazing crowdfunding platform that started working back in 2009. It provides endless opportunities to people from all around the world. Crowdfunding has become a powerful tool for people who need money, whether they are individuals or companies. The important thing is to draw attention and make people want to support the event.

Later on, many other crowdfunding websites started. Some of them have certain preconditions, while others don’t. For example, generosity is a part of a great crowdfunding platform, IndieGoGo, and it is for people in need – the poor and the sick who need help from others. Generally, crowdfunding triggers well in every one of us when we help someone living far away from us to reach their goals.

Here are eight most-funded campaigns from Kickstarter by now.

 Pebble Time, 2015

Pebble is a smartwatch maker who started a campaign in 2012. Their latest watch is the most funded thing in the platform’s history and the fastest one! It raised $1 million in less than an hour, although their initial goal was to raise a summary of $500,000!

This company is working a lot on improving their hardware and adding many new features to their products. They are also expanding a lot and have more than 6,500 applications on their open platform store.

 Coolest Cooler, 2014

Ryan Grepper, the inventor of Coolest Cooler, started his campaign back in 2014. He actually wanted to make this one for ten years! It took ten years for everything to happen in order to raise so much money for him! This event raised $13 million thanks to 62 thousand people, who donated. This cooler can be bought in three colors with a lot of additional features included. You get a USB port, bottle opener, waterproof speakers, and storage for food, as well as utensils and plates.

 Pebble Technology in 2012

Pebble is one of the companies that tend to perfect their smartwatch technology. It also remains amongst companies that are most funded ever. They raised $10 million, which was 10,266% of their goal. They produce customizable and stylish, waterproof smartwatches. In their first year, they sold up to 400,000 watches!

 The Best Travel Jacket in The World in 2015

An idea of all-in-one travel jacket was brought to life by Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah. This amazing jacket, called the BauBax jacket comes in four styles both for women and men. It is further equipped with up to 15 features that can include an eye mask, neck pillow, gloves, pockets for technology, a blanket, etc. About 45,000 people helped them realize this dream, and they raised $9 million. This was above their initial $20,000 goal.

 Exploding Kittens in 2015

This is “a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats”. It is created by Elan Lee, Shane Small, and Matthew Inman, who created The Oatmeal. This popular campaign for this Russian roulette-style card game had 219,382 backers and is one of the most amazing ones. They raised $8 million, which is 87,825% more than their initial goal.

 Ouya, 2012

This is a popular video game console that was made for the Android platform. It helps people who are hooked up to their TV’s. Ouya made games less expensive and more accessible. It is an open-source kit and gaming console that allows every single person to build their own video games! Ouya is run by its founder, Julie Uhrman, designed by Yves Behar, and it raised $8,5 million! Their initial goal was to raise $950,000, so this is 904% of it!

 Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 2015

Mystery science theater or MST3K initially premiered in 1988. It is created by Joel Hodgson, and these are new series of the show. New series have 14 episodes, which include a holiday special and they star comedian Patton Oswalt. Some perks that were included for the campaign donors were voicemail greetings, or invitations to the premieres in New York, LA, or Chicago, a chance to appear in an episode, or a dinner with the cast! It raised $5,5 million, blowing away their initial goal of $2 million for an even 288%!

 The Veronica Mars Movie Project in 2013

Veronica Mars was TV series in 2004-2007 about a teenage who is investigating the things in her town. The show, however, was canceled, but fans were against it. This campaign raised $5,702,153 by its end, and the movie was soon released.

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