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Rafael Nadal Has a Lot of Money, But You’d Be Surprised to Know How He Spends It All!

One of the most lucrative careers these days is that of a sportsperson, especially those who have established themselves as the best in the world. The amount of money they make is also proportional to the popularity that their sport enjoys. For example, footballers end up making a lot more money than badminton players, simply because their sport has a much bigger fanbase.

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Rafael Nadal has enjoyed more success than most players in the history of the sport.

But other sports and their players are also making a lot of money. Just take tennis as an example. Although it has a simple format with a few major events happening around the world throughout the year, the players who have excelled in tennis enjoy global fame and have made a massive fortune for themselves. Rafael Nadal is one such player, who has won numerous tennis titles in the past and continues to dominate the sport.

A Successful Career

Currently ranked in the second place among all the male players in tennis, Nadal is seemingly not planning to slow down anytime soon. He is called by many with the name King of Clay to highlight the 83 victories he has enjoyed in the singles category.

Naturally, all these wins have brought in a lot of money his way as well, and just this year Nadal has managed to garner an impressive $8 million in the form of prizes earned as a reward for his excellent performance.

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Nadal continues to dominate the tennis court with his performance

As far as the major titles are concerned, Nadal has also garnered success in many of those as well. Just in 2017, he was declared the winner of the US Open series which had brought in $3.7 million his way. Then came the French Open this year which he won again for the third consecutive time, and it also earned him $2.6 million. Overall, this French Open title marked the 12th one for Nadal, and also his 18th Grand Slam victory.

In total, Nadal has brought in $111 million or above through tennis, which excludes earnings coming from all the endorsements he has done and continues to do for major brands around the world. So, how does he spend all this dough?

A Lavish Spender

When it comes to spending the money he has earned, Nadal does not mind being a little lavish and somewhat exorbitant. For example, the watch which Nadal had been wearing while playing the French Open back in 2018 had a value of around $725K, as it was a Richard Mille watch from a limited-edition series.

Nadal also owns an electric bike by the company Gocycle which is reportedly worth $4.5K, but that’s just for athletic purposes. As a mode of transportation, he prefers driving around in luxury cars such as his Aston Martin DBS, or the SL55 by Mercedes-Benz.

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And how can we not mention the many homes Nadal currently owns. There is one he has in the Mallorca region of Spain, which is reportedly worth around $1.5 million. Then, there is his Dominican Republic home worth $2 million, which is a gorgeous villa.

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