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Reactions To The Passing Away Of Former President George H.W. Bush

Past Presidents Euologise The Late President

Politicians all over America on Saturday mourned George H.W. Bush’s death. The politicians also praised the former president for his service in his life as well as the legacy he left.

George W. Bush, his son who was also a former president said that all the children were saddened about the death of their father. In the statement which was issued through a spokesperson of the family, he referred to the late president as one who was of the highest kind of character and also the best father any child could have asked for.

Other past presidents also had different things to say about the late President Bush. According to the Obamas, his death stood as the loss of a patriot and a humble servant. They added that while their hearts feel heavy about his death, they are nevertheless grateful, not just for those years when he was the President but for over seventy years which he spent devotedly serving his country.

They also added that his life supports the idea that service to the public is a noble and joyous calling. They emphasized that he expanded the promise of America to people who were new immigrants as well as individuals with disabilities.

According to the Obamas, President Bush’s life supports the idea that service to the public is a noble and joyous calling

President Trump Speaks About The Late President

President Trump, as well as Melania Trump, also talked about the late president. They mentioned that Bush always saw one way or the other to raise the bar even higher. They added that through a combination of his disarming wit, essential authenticity, steadfast commitment to family, country and his faith, he was able to inspire other generations of Americans to embrace a life of public service.

According to the Trumps, the late President inspired other generations of Americans to embrace a life of public service

According to them, he always talked about them being thousand light points that illuminate the hope, opportunity and also the greatness of America to everyone around the world. President Trump briefly visited the rotunda last week.

Past Clashes

It will be recalled that there had been clashes in the past between President Trump and the Bushs, but he is expected to still be in attendance at the funeral service. In a book that was released last year, the late Mr. Bush said he voted for Hilary Clinton


Mr. Bush in a book that was released in 2017 said he voted for Hilary Clinton and not Trump

The book added that his son, George W Bush was also concerned that he would actually be the last president from the Republican party, notwithstanding the fact that President Trump ran on a Republican ticket.

Funeral Details

Bush was the forty-first president of America between the years 1989 to 1993. He was being treated for a variant of Parkinson’s disease. Reports indicate that since April, he had been on admission as he had a blood infection.

Sometime last week, his coffin left Texas where a 21-gun salute was done and he was moved to Washington. His coffin was on board an Air Force One that was temporarily reamed as Special Air Mission 41, all in homage to Bush. Former President Bush died at the age of 94 and he is expected to be laid to rest at his home in Texas.

His funeral which is a strictly by invite is scheduled to hold this Wednesday at the National Cathedral. President Trump and the First Lady would be in attendance, but he won’t deliver any speech.

Other Politicians’ Eulogies

Paul Ryan in a eulogy referred to the late Mr. Bush as a great man and added that there was no one who was able to better harmonize duty of life and joy of life. Ryan, a House Speaker, added that Mr. Bush during his lifetime was a good man and a great leader.

Paul Ryan referred to Mr. Bush as a good man and a great leader

Mitch McConnell, who is a Senate majority leader said the late Mr. Bush was able to keep America through the War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was also there to defend the rule of law in the Persian Gulf. Also, Mike Pence, Vice President also said the man had a kindness which everyone who came in contact with him experienced.

In addition, Seth Moulton, a  US Representative posted a picture of himself when he was a young Marine on Twitter where he was meeting Bush. Adding in the tweet, the Salem Democrat, said that even regardless of the different political differences, he remained a hero of America on different occasions in his lifetime. Moulton added that his patriotism ought to serve as an inspiration to other Americans even for other generations.

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