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Rick Astley: My Fame is Sometimes Underwhelming

Biggest Disappointment

Rick Astley in a recent chat with a media outlet said that his biggest disappointment is fame. The fifty-two year old singer admitted that there are days when he sometimes wakes up and doesn’t feel so happy. Astley has sold over forty million records all through the duration of his career but he admitted that he sometimes finds his fame underwhelming.

He stated that the downside of fame often outweighs the upside. He said that fame isn’t something that can be turned on or off at will so the famous person can get some privacy when desired. While he admitted that he sometimes feels unhappy, he told the media outlet that music helps him get in a better mood during those periods.

The singer who is famous for his Cry For Help hit, among others, retired from the music industry back in 1997 when he was 27 years. He, however, returned to the industry sometime in 2001.

Astley has different hits to his name such as Cry For Help and Never Gonna Give up

Starting a Family

He said that he was young and thought to himself that he couldn’t be doing one thing every day of his life and he wanted to be able to do other things. He said he already made money and he wanted to spend some of the money doing the things he wanted to do. He became a star with his single Never Gonna Give Up which topped charts in twenty different countries. When he was about 27, he left all that to start a family.

Astley and Lene met as far back as 1987. At the time, he was raking in his fair share of fame while Lene worked at his record label. Later they started dating in 1989 and married in 2013. They have a daughter together and she works as a landscape designer and an artist.

Astley got married to Lene in 2013 and they have a daughter together

The singer expressed that he had no regrets that he was a stay home dad and takes pride in his daughter’s attitude. According to him, Emily as well as her friends are the first generation not generally motivated by celebrities and money.

Return of Astley

Astley noted that he retired because he had been making only music for several years. However, about 2 years ago he reportedly made his comeback to the industry with his album of revealing and soulful songs titled 50. He wrote and also produced all the songs on the album at his West London home. The album went on to also become a hit as it took number one spot on charts. He expressed his surprise at how well the album performed.

Although he was surprised about the success of the record, reports had it that his wife already had confidence that the album would be successful. Lene Bausager, Astley’s wife who is a film producer stepped in and became his manager about 5 years ago. According to Astley, there was a high probability that his wife believed more in the album than he did. He added that his belief wasn’t because he was pessimistic but he was only trying to be realistic.

The singer said his wife, Lene was instrumental to the success of his album

Wife’s Role

He stated that being a movie producer, his wife could tell how well a movie would perform even right from the script and it was that ability she transferred to the music. He said there is no doubt that his success is because of her input as she played a massive role in the whole process.

It isn’t surprising that there is some sort of reference to Lene on different songs on the new album, Beautiful life. On the track, She Makes Me, he mentioned how she gives him hope and fight. He also said on another track that it’s possible to be successful but the ones whom we love are those who help us to keep forging ahead.

He stated that he was aware that Lene isn’t particularly impressed about his celebrity status. To him, the respect and love that exists in their relationship is what matters.

The album was released earlier this year and it also got a spot on the top 10. It didn’t get the number one spot and the singer had something to say about that. He mentioned that he was aware that once you have an album that gets to number one spot, people expect that you’ll d that again but things don’t work that way.

To him, it was important that it helped to prove that his previous album 50 was not just a fluke. Astley turned down different offers from popular producers and chose to record Beautiful Life at home and also played all the instruments by himself.

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