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Rihanna May Be The Richest Among Female Musicians in America, But Here’s Why The Singer is Motivated to Keep Working!

Let’s be honest, if we had as much money as Rihanna, we would not bother working at all because we would hire people to do everything for us. But perhaps that is the difference between us and the Umbrella singer. According to Rihanna, she does not work because she wants to make more money; her motivation is something completely different.

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When it comes to female singers, Rihanna is in a league of her own

As far as female singers go, Rihanna has defeated all of her colleagues as far as her personal net worth is concerned. According to the 2019 list released by Forbes, in which the magazine has listed those women under the age of 40 who have become the wealthiest among their gender, Rihanna has earned the top spot with a shocking wealth of around $600 million.

Not Slowing Down

While we are busy appreciating Rihanna for her riches, the singer couldn’t be least bothered by it. According to her interview with NYT’s Style Magazine, Rihanna has not been concerned about her wealth, rather she is completely focused on the work she does and the music she produces. Since it’s her passion and considering the fact that she is only 31 years of age, Rihanna has made it clear she would keep working until her heart is content.

Rihanna is not someone who was born into riches, so hard work comes naturally to her. The singer, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was just a teenager when she was picked up by Evan Rogers for her remarkable talent. Rogers helped Rihanna make a demo which was ultimately pitched to American musician Jay-Z, and from then on her career has been on an upward trajectory.

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They may not hang out much anymore, but Rihanna and Jay-Z surely have a lot of respect in their hearts for each other

Singing Is Not Her Primary Money Maker

We look at Rihanna’s wealth and immediately connect it to her highly successful music career. After all, the singer has bagged nine Grammy Awards under her name which has fortified her brand in the industry as an icon. However, as people in the music industry would tell you, musicians don’t usually make as much money as Rihanna currently possesses, which begs the question: where is a lot of her money coming from?

The answer is simple, and it has to do with Rihanna’s super business acumen. The singer launched her makeup line called Fenty Beauty back in 2017, and within its first month, the brand was able to generate an impressive $72 million in revenue. By 2018 end, this figure went up to a staggering $570 million.

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No doubt, Rihanna has always maintained a unique style which is now translating into her brand

To add onto her budding business empire, the singer/entrepreneur has now also launched her fashion label by the name of Fenty. Although this new brand has yet to report its first year’s revenue figures, we are sure it is going to be a huge success considering Rihanna’s marketable brand name.

However, Rihanna does recognize the importance of money and acknowledges the way it has made life easier for herself as well as her family. She is also motivated by the way her business ventures are creating new jobs, which is helping countless families generate the income necessary to run their households. All power to you, Rihanna!

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