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Rihanna Spends Crazy Amount Renting Hampton Property For The Summer

Rihanna is all decked up and ready to spend her summer in true celebrity fashion. As such, she has just rented out a lavish mansion in the Hamptons for $415,000, according to an article published on the New York Post.

On top of that, she has placed a hefty security deposit, sizing up to the tune of $1 million. Spending all that money for just a summer getaway is something that only these celebrities can afford at this time.  If you’re interested, the property is also currently up for sale for $10.99 million.

Last year, Forbes named Rihanna the World’s richest female musician. On top of that, according to the Sunday Times, only 150 out of 1,000 among the UK’s wealthiest people are women. Rihanna is now one of Britain’s richest women, given to her massive fortune of $600 million. The Barbadian singer locked the 48th rank on the list out of 50. This was only possible as she is now living in London.

Harper’s Bazaar | Rihanna is one of the richest female musicians in the world

The rise in her cumulative wealth is almost inevitable, due to the ravaging success of her new brand, Fenty beauty. Rihanna has taken the beauty world by storm ever since her brand has been operable. Fenty Beauty features items ranging from fashion to cosmetics. Aside from that, her original profession as a singer is still booming as ever.

Pop queen Rihanna is not the first celebrity to reside in the luxurious oceanside property. In fact, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian leased the same mansion in 2014 for a special project. Yes, you guessed it! This is the same mansion where ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons’ was filmed.

Inside The Mansion | The mansion sits on a massive area of 2 acres

The mansion stands in the small community of the North Sea in the Hamptons and boasts an oceanfront view. It sits on a massive area of 2 acres, with the main house taking up 8,900 square feet. The grand mansion comes with many luxurious amenities. For starters, it consists of five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms (whatever that means). Its photos revealed large windows providing a gorgeous sight of the ocean, elegant ceilings, and hardwood floors.

The master bedroom located is on the second floor. It features calming light-blue painted walls, a separate sitting area, and a fireplace. The second floor also features a home gym, with the most common exercise equipment present in the room. A small reading nook is tucked away in a corner of the room, as well. The property also boasts a swimming pool and a private dock 85-feet-long dock overlooking the ocean, capable of stationing Jet-Skis and boats, which allegedly come with the mansion. So, if the pop star wishes, she can take a boat out into the Atlantic for a mini solo trip. | This beautiful bedroom will be Rihanna’s resting space for the next month

Rihanna will be staying at this luxurious mansion from mid-July to mid-August. After that, the star will take off to Barbados, where she will be spending the rest of her summer, till the end of September.

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