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Rita Wilson Has Words Of Encouragement To Those Who Suffer From Breast Cancer

Finding Happiness

While speaking to a media outlet, actress and singer, Rita Wilson, spoke about her breast cancer journey and also took the time to send a message specifically to others who have been diagnosed with a similar disease.

Wilson stated that one thing she would tell someone that had just gotten a breast cancer diagnosis is to put in efforts into finding daily moments that bring happiness and joy. According to her, there is still time for laughter. She added that even with the diagnosis, life keeps moving and so such a person should endeavor to place focus on the good things around.


Wilson stated that one thing she would tell someone that had just gotten a breast cancer diagnosis is to put in efforts into finding daily moments that bring happiness and joy

The singer, actress, and producer further made it known that it was mindfulness meditation she used as stress relief during the 2015 treatment that required her to get a double mastectomy as well as reconstructive surgery. She stated that she found the meditation extremely helpful. She added that she felt anxious like everyone in such a situation would but music served as a great solace during the time. Wilson said music had different abilities including serving as a total mood changer, a good form of distraction and helping a person get to a good position mentally.

Friends And Family Support

Also, the actress gave credit to her friends and family who helped to keep her spirit up all through the time she was going through treatment. She said that her brother stepped in after her diagnosis and surgery and made amazing meals for her since he was a chef. Some of her girlfriends also stayed with her and helped her remain in a happy mood. She noted how important their actions were to her journey. Wilson advised others going through the same treatment to ensure that they are surrounded by friends and also family members that can make them laugh as that has healing power.


Wilson is popularly known for her roles in movies like “It’s Complicated” and “Sleepless in Seattle.” She has been married to Tom Hanks for thirty years. Wilson and husband Tom Hanks celebrated the 30th year of their marriage earlier this year. While talking about what has helped their marriage, she said the secret in her opinion is having a level of trust and honesty and your ability to laugh in the relationship.

She advised people to find moments that make them laugh and never forget such moments. Wilson recently launched “Bigger Picture,” her new album which she calls a musical scrapbook. She said she already went back to check her life and like every other person, she attempted to discover who she really is, how she started out where she has ended up and how possible it is for her to link her answers together.

Getting A Second Opinion

When Rita Wilson diagnosed with breast cancer, she publicly urged people to seek second opinions. She advised people to regularly go for a check-up as that would help early detection and also advised people to seek for second opinions.

Back in 2015, she said what contributed to her early recovery was the fact that she had good doctors and also because she was able to get a second opinion. During her early revelation, she said she carefully monitored her health using MRIs and mammograms after she knew that she had LCIS. She went through a breast biopsy and the initial tests said it wasn’t cancerous. However, she said there were second thoughts and one of her friends who had the disease suggested to her to get a different opinion and she also felt like it was something she should do.

She reportedly visited two different pathologists and both of them confirmed she had breast cancer. She then emphasized the importance of getting a second opinion and said there is nothing one would lose in a case where both opinions are similar. She added that the person has a lot to gain if there was something missing that was discovered in a later diagnosis. According to Wilson, early diagnosis has a lot of importance.


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