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This Was How the Rose Hanbury Cheating Rumor Has Affected Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Relationship

The controversies keep piling up for the royal family and there are no signs pointing that drama is going to be over soon. While the Meghan Markle-Kate Middleton feud may have taken a rest for a while, it may be because another juicier one has emerged involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Rose Hanbury, who became a recent regular headliner in gossip sites and tabloids.

Rose and Kate’s Alleged Fallout

In March this year, nasty rumors started spreading that Kate has a “rural rival,” the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. There was some kind of a fallout between the Cambridges and Rose, as per reports — specifically, it was the Duchess who had a problem with Rose, but it’s not really clear where the issue arises.

Rose Hanbury reportedly belongs to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s inner circle

Rose is considered one of the members of the inner circle of the royal couple that was dubbed as “turnip toffs,” the moniker used to refer to their high society friends in Norfolk. The Marchioness had been seen multiple times attending royal events, she was even seated beside Prince Harry in a Buckingham Palace state banquet two years ago.

The alleged rift has been disputed, while both camps were reportedly irritated by the nonsense talk that they are considering taking legal actions against The Sun, which had broken out the news about the fallout. However, they decided to just let this one go since there was simply no evidence about the claims.

Extra-Marital Affair Rumors

Here’s when things get complicated: soon after the speculations about their fallout emerged, Prince William‘s name got dragged into the mess because he allegedly had an affair with Rose and according to a report, the Duke just laughed it off when his wife confronted him about it.

After the fallout reports, cheating allegations started emerging, accusing the sixth in line to the throne of having an affair with Rose

For sure, with such a high-profile relationship and the media all over their faces, such an accusation against them could take a toll on their lives. But according to a friend of the royal family, the rumors turned out to be helpful for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, it doesn’t mean that Kate was glad about what she has been hearing.

Reflection on Marriage

The insider went on to narrate that Kate was hurt of the gossips and was irritated by the fact that her children will read the heinous news about their father’s alleged infidelity when they grow up, but this had also opened a room for growth and ignited a moment to examine their relationship. Another source backed this up, saying though things didn’t go down well, they are working to get their marriage on track once more.

What happened reportedly became useful to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

What happened reportedly became useful to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Indeed, marriage is never perfect, this may simply be a bump along the road. As for Rose, who was a former model, she has three children with David Rocksavage, the seventh Marquess of Cholmondeley.

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