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When Rough Times Come and Seize Our Soul…

It is sometimes hard to stay inspired and productive, especially in the times when you don’t get any confirmation of your actual work. Today, we live in a world where anyone can be seen and judged. And if success is absent, many give up immediately. Still, even some great minds have experienced this. For example, Vincent Van Gogh was one of the least successful artists in his time. He worked and lived alone, usually avoided by people surrounding him. He lived in the small house where he had the tiny room he could hardly afford. He was painting for nearly a decade, without any audience. For so many years he had just one person who supported him – his younger brother, Theo.

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Vincent is one of the most inspiring examples of success for various reasons: he started very late, knew barely anything about painting, yet he just tried, again and again. He didn’t quite care for people’s opinion or the environment who forced him to give up – his parents, for instance, thought that he is wasting his life. He still kept going, discovering and making many pieces of art without even knowing it. He was driven by enormous inspiration and love for what he did.

Here are few pieces of advice, apart from this obvious example, for you not to give up when the times become rough.

 You should read as much as you can

Whether you enjoy in motivational books or ones related to your job and hobby, just continue reading. Sometimes only one sentence will get you going and ensure an inspiration for a long period of time. One important thing to realize is what actually moves you. If you still don’t have a clue, try reading various books and see which suits you best. It will bring out the best from you, that is what good books are all about.

 (Re)define your goals

Try to think where you actually want to go from the place you are now. Think about your plans and try to develop them somehow inside your head. You will then see how you will feel and what you actually want. After determining your goals, it will be easier to achieve them. Thinking can also help you relax when you are under some pressure. It those times, thinking about relaxing places and landscapes will help – especially if you imagine indulging yourself there. Experts agree that this will have a similar impact to our brain as that we are actually there.

 Stretch your body

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Create and maintain a habit of going outside and dedicate some time to your body. This will ensure that you take a good care of yourself, whether you work on a computer or your job is more dynamic. You will feel good about doing this favor to your body because it will respond back – with a good spirit level and health.

Have a vision 

Remember, vision represents what you want to become, not what you are at the moment. You are creating a future goal so you will know where and how to make it through. For every once in a while, be sure that you establish your current place and the one you plan to achieve in the future. This will make you stay focused and aware of what you are trying to accomplish, which is highly important. You have to know where you want to get, so you can find the way through, said the Wiseman.

 Competition is important

This doesn’t have to represent another human being – you can compete with yourself. Try to inspire yourself to do today better than the day before, and tomorrow give your best to upgrade your today’s performance. Competition actually moves you forward no matter who you are. It inspires you to go on and improve your skills, with hard work and motivation. This way you become the person who is always prospering and getting better.

 Help other people

A true success arrives when you give whatever you get. This means that you want others to succeed, not just you. Whether you inspire someone or directly help others to have success in their field, It is just the thing that gets back to you – like the fruits of your own work. It is amazing that you can contribute to the community and the world when you stay inspired. You might have a huge impact on someone’s live. That is really what really matters in the end.

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