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Royal luxury DJ Khaled has Finally Got a New Owner for his Mediterranean Villa

Royal luxury DJ Khaled has finally got a new owner for his Mediterranean Villa Outside of Miami. According to the report of New York Post, the three-floor building, which was initially recorded for $7.99 million in 2018, was just sold to a technology real estate developer from Florida for an unpublished amount and the latest price was $ 5.99 million.

It is located on a plot of half-acre on a private island in a gated community area named Island Estates. The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with an elevator running between three floors.

Some prominent features of the Villa

In 2015, Khaled firstly bought the Mediterranean-style house for $3.84 million but has paid an extra $2.5 million in renovations and overhauls over the years. So, it has nothing to do with reflecting high-end images and aesthetics.

A 14-carat gold chandelier with Swarovski crystals, a stylish walk-in closet with custom-made floor-to-ceiling shelves featuring a collection of Khaled expensive sneakers and a purple striped master suite with a raised platform for the bed were included in the luxurious additions to the house. It has approximately 6,700 square feet of living area.

What makes it priceless?

Other unrivaled rooms include a home-themed movie theater with coffered ceilings, a wine cellar, an office with mahogany details and a formal living room with carved wood fireplace and high double windows that reach the ceiling.

In the back of the house, there is a Biscayne Bay, with a large swimming pool, hot tub, fireplace, bamboo tree and a 50-foot gorge that stands between the house and the water. All in all, the house has 30-foot ceilings, marble floors and walnut floors, a glazed impression, and a smart home system. To be short, the villa contained all the royal facilities that are supposed to be in a resort-living lifestyle.

Current Residence of Khaled

Khaled is currently living in another house on the Miami Beach area designed by Cesar Molina, which was bought by him in 2018 for $25.9 million. “A symbol of intricate medical design, magnificent high-rise arches, 240 feet of waterfront, beautiful pool and spa, the house gives a whole new meaning to the lifestyle,” he said in a note.

In addition, the house has large closets suitable for all sneakers, including Mr. Khaled, and women who love fashion. DJ Khaled is truly developing a unique real estate landmark that offers a wide range of accessories and services for white gloves exclusively on Private Island.

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