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Royal Princess: 25 Things You Didn’t Know about Kate Middleton

How is it like to be a royal princess? Known to be a woman of substance, elegance, beauty, and poise, Kate Middleton seems to have everything any woman would dream of – a happy marriage, lovely family, beautiful face, healthy body, not to mention a luxurious lifestyle.

Celebrating her 35th birthday last January 9, 2017, it’s perfectly timely to feature some interesting facts about Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Stun yourself with the following fascinating facts about her and her inspiring life.

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1. Kate Middleton is related to George Washington, they are cousins eight times removed. Their common ancestor was Sir William Gascoigne, who died in 1487.

2. Having one of the most photographed faces on the planet, Catherine also was also named as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine. No questions asked – she deserves it.

3. The Duchess of Cambridge, whose middle name is Elizabeth, is the first royal to sign a pre-nuptial agreement to protect and guard their assets. Of course!

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4. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was actually Prince Harry’s, he looked after it following Diana’s death but handed it over to his brother when he discovered that he planned to propose.

5. In line with tradition, a secret blue ribbon was sewn into Kate Middleton’s fabulous Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

6. At 29, Kate Middleton was the oldest royal bride in British history.

7. Kate Middleton spent her wedding night at Buckingham Palace, breaking the tradition that royal couples leave London after their wedding.

8. Kate wanted to name the tables at the royal wedding after those places she’d visited with Prince William.

9. Kate Middleton is no lightweight. She can reportedly drink William under the table. When the royal is tipsy, she can stand there watching, appearing totally sober.

10. Catherine is the eldest among the three children of Carole, a former flight attendant, and Michael, an airline pilot.

11. The 35-year-old princess is a keen photographer and before her marriage to Prince William, she took pictures for her parents’ mail-order business, Party Pieces.

12. Kate Middleton also has worked part-time as a web page designer and as a marketing officer for her parents’ firm.

13. She co-founded a female drinking society at St. Andrews University. Perhaps, this rooted from her love for good cocktails. She used to party at Kensington nightclub Boujis and her go-to cocktail was the ‘Crack Baby’!

14. Kate graduated with a 2:1 in Art History in 2005 – making her the first royal wife to hold a degree.

15. After graduating from St. Andrews, Kate had aspirations of launching a children’s clothing line.

16. Along with her brother James Middleton, Kate was planning to open a bakery with some proceeds doing to disadvantaged youths.

17. Kate Middleton has a pub named after her. When she received her royal title, the Duchess of Cambridge, a pub in Windsor was renamed in her honor.

18. The Duchess is really more than just a pretty face. Mind you, she has completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

19. When she’s in London, Kate loves nothing more than to go for a ride on a Boris bike. Hence, the royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William, received a tandem Boris bike from the London Mayor.

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20. The Duchess loves sports, especially hockey and tennis. Apparently, Catherine has begun her journey to embrace boxing through a routine called “boxercise” – aiming to promote the benefits of physical activity for mental wellbeing.

21. Kate Middleton owns a sausage maker and likes to make strawberry jam and plum preserves as gifts. Oh, we surely want those goodies straight from her kitchen to ours, would you like some too?

22. Despite previous reports, Kate is not allergic to horses. She avoided the animals at the War Horse premiere to protect her Alice Temperley gown. Such a very wise move, dear!

23. When on official visits, the Duchess has been known to change her outfits up to five times a day!

24. Her shoe size is five and a half. This little secret was concealed when her wedding shoes went on display in 2011.

25. Sticky toffee pudding is apparently her favorite dessert. It’s a British dessert consisting of a very moist sponge cake, made with finely chopped dates, covered in a toffee sauce and often served with a vanilla custard or vanilla ice-cream.

Isn’t she lovely? Now, Kate Middleton suddenly becomes more irresistibly admirable.

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