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Saving Money Super Easy: Here’s How You Can Set Aside Funds For Your Financial Goals & Not Even Notice It

With the new year comes a fresh start for people all over the world. Aside from getting fit and healthy, resolutions lists are often filled with the intent to spend less and save more money. One good way to make this goal a reality is to try doing a savings challenge for the remainder of the year.

And since saving can seem like such a mammoth task, setting realistic goals such as putting together a couple hundred or a few thousand dollars is a good place to start. What more, it’s been proven to be effective as evidenced by the experience of this woman who uses a rather simple technique to save up for her financial goals.

One Simple Trick

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One can also use a traditional piggy bank for the challenge instead of a jar

British sales executive Erin O’Meara shares that the secret behind her consistent saving habit is putting every £2 ($2) coin she received in a designated savings jar. Putting this in action, the 27-year-old has ended up with £386 ($503) in one year by keeping aside coins. This amount has been earmarked for a house deposit she’s been building.

In an interview, the Surrey shared that the idea came from her observations of her father’s similar habits when she was a kid. She recalled being asked by him whether she had any £2 coins in change, which would always leave her wondering why he could possibly want them. Eventually, she found out the answer to her questions when she asked him for some tips on saving money.

Now, O’Meara is carrying on her father’s tradition as she saves for her big-ticket goals like purchasing her own home, traveling and even opening a business.

End of the Year Surprise

The jar or piggy bank is to be filled all year and opened come December to count the total amount

She also talked about how amazed and shocked she was as she opened her savings jar at the end of the year and saw just how much she ended up with. Things weren’t easy all the time though. There were times when she was admittedly tempted to crack open the tin she kept her money in and use it to spend on everyday purchases such as lunches and gas.

In the end, it was her dream of being a homeowner that helped her fight off the temptation of getting a can opener and spending her savings. She also commented on how challenging it was to actually find £2 coins.

More Challenging

O’Meara suggests that people follow suit but use a smaller container first

Now that 2020 has rung in, O’Meara is determined to continue the beneficial habit she’s been practicing. This time, though, she’s ready to raise the stakes a little bit to increase her savings even more. As she told the website LatestDeals, she’s going to use a bigger container and collecting not just £2 coins but also £1 coins.

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