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Scarlett Johansson is Engaged, But Here’s Why People Are More Interested In Her Diamond Ring!

The day is finally here when Scarlett Johansson has gotten engaged, but people seem more interested in her ring than the fact that the actress has decided to settle down with her now-fiancé, Colin Jost. While attending the Comic-Con being held in San Diego, Johansson sported a gorgeous diamond ring to the public that was visible even from a considerable distance.

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Scarlett Johansson is a big name among actresses around the world

A Piece of Designer Jewelry

According to experts, the ring is a diamond of 11-carat, which is not too shocking considering the trend among celebrities to prefer big stones on their engagement jewelry. It was presented to Johansson by Jost when the two got engaged back in May of this year. However, while the size of the stone itself is big enough to inspire awe, the design of the ring is what has caught everyone’s attention.

Jost opted to get the ring from Taffins Jewelry, which is reportedly being run by James de Givenchy. While his last name may make you think that he is the same designer behind the famed luxury brand called Givenchy, however, you would be mistaken as the designer behind the original brand was Hubert de Givenchy, who is James’ uncle.

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What Do The Experts Say?

But we still can’t seem to understand the peculiar design of the ring. According to Alicia Davis, who is an expert on diamonds and also the VP of Merchandise at Shane Co., the diamond on the ring is of light brown color and is not of any usual shape.

According to her, the diamond’s shape is actually a cross between an oval as well as pear, making it look pretty much like a small egg. Davis also provided an estimate of the ring’s price, suggesting that the piece would’ve cost Jost around $400K.

Davis’ estimate of the ring’s cost is at the higher end of other estimates made by a few diamond experts, who have provided a range for the cost in between $200K to $450K. They have also stated that the exact cost of the ring is difficult to determine mostly because the ring comes in a shape that they have not seen before in a diamond.

Scarlett did not shy away from showing off her new rock to the entire world

Andrew Fox, who is the President at online jewelry retailer called SuperJewelry, is actually relieved about the design of the ring, calling it a breath of fresh air in the otherwise similarly-styled jewelry industry.

He found the gemstone to be very intriguing and guessed it to be either a diamond with a brown-yellow color or one resembling a topaz. According to him, even the band’s material is difficult to guess, as it could either be made of wood or stone.

Even gemologists have weighed-in and commented on the ring. According to them, the clarity of the diamond is near perfection, which is rare for a diamond of such a huge size that is also colored. The cut is old-fashioned, and not very common in modern-day jewelry as newer, more advanced methods of cutting diamonds are now available.

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