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Scarlett Johansson Tops List Of Highest-Paid Actresses In 2018

When you’ve got all the fame and fortune, almost every in would think that you’ve got it all, that you can have everything you want. Turns out that some of the biggest celebrities in Tinseltown don’t let fame or money change their lives off camera. This doesn’t mean however that their earnings will not define them as actresses.

Set to be released in May 2020, Jolie will reprise her role as the Disney villain Maleficent in its sequel. It was confirmed in 2016 that Jolie agreed to fill for the role once more but it wasn’t revealed if she is willing to do more if ever the upcoming movie becomes successful ones more.

Angelina Jolie – $28 Million

If it isn’t one of the most sought-after A-listers in the world today, Maleficent actress Angelina Jolie made it into the list of the highest-paid actresses today. With fame and passion for acting running through her veins, Jolie became know for her roles in the films Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Maleficent. Julie hasn’t really been as active in the industry as she was before even if she is currently working on a Disney sequel.

In September 2016 it was also revealed that she has separated with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt, and are currently fighting for the custody of her six children.

Jennifer Aniston – $19.5 Million

From a woman to Brad Pitt’s life to another, it may have been rumored back in the day that Jolie stole Pitt from Aniston, this did not let America’s Sweetheart to go downhill. Her career just got better over the years after being separated from Pitt. As someone who became a part of films that grossed over $200 million, it is not that surprising to see that Aniston is on this list.

Reese Witherspoon – $16.5 Million

Winning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Critics Choice Award for just a single movie, definitely earned Witherspoon a spot in the Hollywood limelight.

This then led to major accomplishments including being one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood today, she even became at the very top of the list once back in 2007 when she earned $15 million per film at that time. Last year Forbes magazine revealed her as the top-paid primetime Emmy nominee in 2017 because of her total career earnings of over $198 million.

Witherspoon earned a global recognition for her performance as Elle Woods in the film Legally Blonde back in 2001, which is known to be one of the most famous chick flicks of this generation.[/caption]

Jennifer Lawrence – $18 Million

With her films grossing a total of $5.7 billion worldwide, there is no doubt that 27-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence would be making so much that ended up on her being on the Forbes list. In fact, she has given the title the highest-paid actress in the world for two years in a row. Lawrence became known for her roles in the films X-Men: First Class, where she portrayed the mutant Mystique, and the science fiction film series Hunger Games, where she portrayed the lead role of Katniss Everdeen making her the highest-grossing heroine of all time.

Aside from that, she was also given recognition for her role in the film Silver Linings Playbook by being awarded as the Best Supporting Actress in the 2012 Academy Awards.

Scarlett Johansson – $40.5 Million

Finally, this year’s highest-paid actress in Hollywood is none other than the blonde bombshell herself Scarlett Johansson. Known to be a part of the Marvel movies for years now, she has managed to earn multi-millions for portraying the character of Black Widow.

In 2016, she became the highest-grossing actress not just in Hollywood but entire North America at that time. Aside from appearing as one of the main leads in the Marvel movies, she is also known for her performances in the films Lost in Transition, where she won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress.

Johansson recently won on the Movie Actress category of the 44th E! People Choice Awards which happened last Sunday

A few months ago the Avengers: Infinity War became one of the most expensive films ever been made in the history of filmmaking. According to the president of Marvel Studios, they invested more in the actors way more than the special effects and it is worth it. Johansson was hailed by Forbes as the highest-paid actress for this year because of this film. It grossed over $2 billion in the worldwide box office.

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