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Sister Scandal Aftermath: How much is Tati Westbrook’s Net Worth Now?

If you have been out of the web lately, or you’re one of those doing social media detox at the moment then you have probably missed the sister squabble between social media royalties Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

The apparent drama started during this year’s Coachella when James needed security which was provided by SugarBear Hair vitamins and in return, he posted sponsored Instagram stories for them — this upsets Tati since the brand is the number one rival of her Halo Beauty.

She then posted a story expressing her disappointment and a now-deleted 43-minute video aptly titled “Bye Sister” acquiring millions of views and also supporters pushing her 5 million subscriber count to 10 million, while the otherwise happened for James.

The 20-year-old beauty YouTuber lost more than a million subscribers after the defunct video detailing how Tati supported him throughout his career, especially when he was just starting in the beauty community, and their fall-out. The clip also included allegations of how the young make-up artist uses his celebrity status.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
James Charles has suffered a downfall following the release of “Bye Sister” video by Tati Westbrook.

Beauty Community’s ‘Mom’

And this was just the start of the wildfire in the beauty community of YouTube as many names have been involved in the drama including Nikita Dragun and Jeffree Star. While the mayhem in May is now tamed and the receipts have been shown, what we want to take a look at now are Tati’s shopping receipts, because the increase in her YouTube following meant more cha-ching in her wallet.

To be fair, Tati has been in the industry for quite a time now, starting her channel in 2010, and has been considered as one of the first beauty YouTubers. With her time in the community, she is well respected by a lot of the members, more importantly by those who want to follow her path. Many of which look at her as their “mom,” so she has become a mother-figure to many up-and-coming beauty and make-up internet celebs including the James.

Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
Many members of the beauty community have been involved in this sister situation including Jeffree Star

Raking in Money

With Tati’s subscriber count doubling, this just means that her ad revenue is also going to multiply by two. According to reports, she earns approximately $1 to $2 million per year in the video-sharing platform. If it would be compared to other creators in YouTube, Tati could be raking in around $9 million in making videos alone.

Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock
Tati Westbrook has been in YouTube since 2010, making her a mother figure to many young and aspiring make-up artists like James Charles

Aside from YouTube, Tati is, of course, also getting her coins from Instagram in which she has around 3 million followers. It still a secret how much she earns per photo or post, but it may not be as high as James, who has 15.3 million followers on the image-sharing app, where he’s earning around $10,000 per post.

Greener Pastures

Let us not also forget that Tati is an entrepreneur, her brand Halo Beauty, which is a line of vitamins for hair, skin, and nails – also the heart of this controversy since SugarBearHair, with a lot of influencers posting #SponCons over this product, it is probably Halo’s top competitor. With videos being watched by millions of times, Halo Beauty may have its fair share of publicity which could rake in more bucks for Tati.

Currently, Mrs. Westbrook’s net worth is around $6 million, but since the sister scandal surfaced, Tati might be looking at greener pastures with her new supporters and maybe new brand deals.

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