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Sly Stallone Sells His Beautiful La Quinta Desert Property

Joining the bandwagon of celebrities dealing in property in 2020, ‘Rambo’ actor Sylvester Stallone has sold off his “La Quinta” villa, which is an elegant desert retreat in California. The home has already been put up for sale twice before – once in 2011, and then in 2014 – but the actor didn’t find a suitable deal for it both times.

Well, it looks like the third time proved lucky for him since he’s succeeded in selling it off this time for $3.15 million. He did incur a bit of a loss though, because he had paid $4.5 million for this house ten years ago when he’d first bought it.


Cdn.Pursuitist | Sly Stallone Sells La Quinta Desert Retreat

Stallone had bought the architecturally distinctive home in 2010. At the time, experts described it as a beautiful resort with a Hollywood touch to it. The design of the property matches the architectural style of the Mediterranean region. Spreading across 5,173 sq. ft., the breathtaking property is located in the heart of Madison Club, which is one of the finest golf clubs in the United States. Its membership is limited to a handful of people only.

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The house contains four bedrooms, domed ceilings, a wine room, and an elegant arched entrance, which lends it a breathtaking view. It includes two makeup and clothing rooms for men and women, and the home décor carries many elegant high-end touches, including doors with fascinating designs and motifs decorating stone walls.

Complete with a spacious high-ceiling living room, a large dining room that overlooks the elegant backyard of the house, and an astonishing integrated kitchen that’s prepared to meet the needs of professional chefs, the property is a true beauty. Additionally, the home includes a main sleeping suite with a giant flat-screen TV located near the huge bed, an elegant fireplace, a spacious balcony, and a private bathroom.


Klyker | The house is quite beautiful and extensively built

Circling the house is a beautiful garden that overlooks the mountains and a golf course adjacent to it. Also, you can see a vast swimming pool and a distinctive spa intended for home use placed around the house.

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On the career front, it appears that the 73-year-old star can tackle challenges with the same passion he had when he was young. Although his last ‘Rambo’ movie failed miserably, Stallone still seems in high spirits and is all set to work in a new part of the Expendables series. Well, we love that Sly doesn’t give up easily! At this pace, he’ll make up for the loss concerning the La Quinta house’s sale in no time.


PageSix | The actor is all set to star in the latest edition of the Expendables series

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