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5 Amazing Smartphone Apps You Need For Your Business

We cannot deny that technology has become a great factor to make and improve our lives for the better. Gone are the days where we struggle to make and finish things manually. We don’t need to get stuck doing tedious tasks that take us for hours, days, months, and even years. We are forever grateful that technology had streamlined almost all of our tasks and provide automation process to handle things well. In just a click, we’re able to finish our projects and tasks for the day. The same can happen for your business too.

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We know that you may have all the necessary applications to streamline your business operations already, but these smartphone applications will help you improve the productivity of your business. In fact, these apps are great enough to help business executives finish all their tasks and clear out their schedules in an organized manner.

Here are the 5 amazing smartphone apps that you need to install in order to get your business up and running smoothly.

1. File Expert – File Manager

This app dominated our list because it provides the most comprehensible and complete way for managing your files. It provides centralized storage that you can keep wherever you go. So whether you’re browsing a type of file online, offline, on your PC, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile, it’s all connected and available wherever you go.

It lets you edit the file on the spot and save the revision across all devices, giving you the most accessible way to manage your files. Aside from that, it also provides a dedicated audio player that lets you browse and listen to your songs to keep you from getting bored while you’re editing batches of files.

2. Memento Database

If your business model involves a database for you to manage, then this app is perfect for you. Even though it’s a small database, don’t underestimate its capacity, features, and capabilities. This database is perfect in shaping up your mobile applications. It allows you to store contact forms for your business, and the fields are even customizable by you.

If you wanted to view your customer’s list, no problem. Memento database can export your contacts in Excel format and you can easily browse it from your phone. In any event, your customer has any complaints and you wanted to contact them to address their concerns directly? No problem. you can easily call your customers since their information is easily tappable on your fingertips.

3. LinkedIn

Before we get to tackle LinkedIn’s features and its benefit for your business, let us clarify things first with this social media network. Unlike other platforms like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn runs differently. It is a business professional network in the first place. You won’t find emotional status and rants here. LinkedIn lets you connect to business-mind people who are executives. So if you want to build your professional network, you need to use LinkedIn. And remember, be professional. Because if you’re not, it will badly reflect your business’ reputation.

4. Google Drive


Google Drive is a cloud storage for your files. What makes Google Drive so great is that most people love Google. And since they love Google, most of us have at least one Google Account. If you have an Android phone, it requires you to have a Google account to connect it with your phone device. The convenience it brought to you is that it lets you manage your files on almost all devices, especially with your phones. You can easily edit your files and still access them across all devices. If you haven’t already, we recommend you use Google Drive now!

5. LastPass

If you have numerous projects, numerous sites, copious social media accounts to work on, LastPass is really handy in saving all the login credentials. So that the next time you log in to a certain website, you’ll be able to access it directly. You’ll be spared from the time-consuming task of digging up your emails, files, and even papers just to find the login credentials for a certain website. What’s more, we’re forgetful by nature. What do you think will happen if you forgot your password, username, or email? Yes. It means you’ll be bothered with resetting up everything again. So instead of doing that, use LastPass.

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